Top 10 Influential Employment Lawyers Reinventing London’s Legal Landscape in 2023

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In London (Bar), an array of employment lawyers bring a unique blend of expertise, practice focus, and notable reputation to their respective fields. The following are some of the most esteemed figures in employment law, serving an array of clients from charitable entities to local government, trade unions to professional services firms. These experienced practitioners handle high-profile cases, often in Supreme Court, and are adept at dealing with a range of complexities, from discrimination claims to whistle-blowing issues.

These lawyers are known for their expertise in areas such as human rights, discrimination and equality, EU law, immigration, and many more employment-related matters. They regularly handle high-stakes issues and apply their knowledge to protect the interests of their clients while upholding the dictates of law. These distinguished subjects have made notable contributions to their field, shaping their industries from their respective platforms in the most significant law firms across London. Now, let’s take a closer look at these remarkable professionals working at the pinnacle of employment law.

Virtually every sector benefits from the contributions of these legal luminaries. From environmental to medical, insurance and financial, their touch is everywhere, significantly impacting the way businesses operate while protecting the rights of individuals and organisations alike.

Kathleen Donnelly KC: Henderson Chambers

Briefly described as a well-rounded practitioner, Kathleen Donnelly expertly handles environmental prosecutions and claims and commands respect in environment-related group action mandates.

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Karon Monaghan KC: Matrix Chambers

Karon Monaghan applies her far-reaching expertise in human rights, discrimination and equality, employment and EU law to represent a diverse range of clients, making her name prominent in high-profile cases.

Robin Allen KC: Cloisters Chambers

Known for his contribution to the implementation of the Human Rights Act 1998, Robin Allen proffers solutions to complex immigration and discrimination issues representing NGOs, trade unions, and educational institutions.

Daniel Stilitz KC: 11KBW

Daniel Stilitz expertise spreads across administrative and public law cases, representing central and local government, as well as regulators in the medical field.

Andrew Burns KC: Devereux

Handling insurance and reinsurance matters with a focus on litigation arising out of employer liability and professional negligence, Andrew Burns provides expert representation.

Daphne Romney KC: Cloisters Chambers

Specializing in discrimination and equal pay matters, Daphne Romney also handles wrongful dismissal, breach of contract, and whistle-blowing cases.

Gavin Mansfield KC: Littleton Chambers

With a focus on partnership and shareholder disputes, Gavin Mansfield brings significant expertise in employment law to his practice, arbitration, and internal partnership disputes.

Ijeoma Omambala KC: Old Square Chambers

With prowess in handling discrimination cases and wider employment law issues, Ijeoma Omambala offers advanced understanding in restrictive covenants, whistle-blowing, and trade union matters.

Thomas Croxford KC: Blackstone Chambers

A trusted High Court advocate, Thomas Croxford typically manages complex whistle-blowing and injunctive relief work, alongside sophisticated discrimination claims, demonstrating a deep wealth of employment law knowledge.

Jason Galbraith-Marten KC: Cloisters Chambers

Offering comprehensive employment law advice, Jason Galbraith-Marten is particularly known for his work in disability discrimination cases, TUPE, as well as in collective employment and worker status law.

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