Top 10 Influential Employment Lawyers Dominating China’s Legal Scene in 2023

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In recent years, the legal landscape in China has experienced major shifts, particularly in the area of employment law. The country stands on the threshold of reforms that will likely impact employment relationships and disputes for the foreseeable future. In this rapidly changing environment, seasoned and skilled employment lawyers are becoming increasingly valuable, their work shaping the outcomes of high-profile cases and setting precedents. This article aims to highlight and discuss the significant contributions of several PRC firm lawyers in China.

Irrespective of the business climate, these legal practitioners are looked upon to navigate complex legal issues while providing strategic employment counsel to their clients. They tackle challenging problems on employee rights, labour disputes, compliance issues, and company’s restructuring for different sectors. Below, we profile some of these notable Chinese employment lawyers, all renowned for their mastery of employment law, experience, and unwavering commitment to their craft.

These PRC Firms lawyers include specialists in employment law, those managing both contentious and non-contentive matters, providing advisory services and handling arbitration and litigation. This piece also provides a brief bio and insights into their distinct style of work, including links to their respective law firms for more information.

Baohua Dong

Baohua Dong, from the Baohua Law Firm, is a veteran in the legal field, with over 30 years of practice. Known for specialising in labour disputes, Dong has made significant contributions academically as well, earning him accolades from his peers.

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Zhenghe Liu

At AnJie Broad Law Firm, Zhenghe Liu has built a reputation for his deep knowledge in labour arbitrations and litigations. With a diverse clientele of foreign and domestic corporations, Liu also remains very active in providing advisory employment law services.

Lin Sun

Also at AnJie Broad Law Firm, Lin Sun typically represents domestic clients in the technology and finance fields. She handles contentious and non-contentious matters, including employee settlement projects, human resources management issues, and labour disputes.

Jay Chen

Jay Chen at Baohua Law Firm is well recognized in the employment law space, having successfully handled numerous labour law-related dispute resolutions. He also provides advice on layoff and resettlement projects.

Baoquan Yang

Coming from Zhong Yin Law Firm, Baoquan Yang enters the rankings this year. He is seasoned in handling labour disputes, notably those linked with non-competition clauses and wrongful termination claims. His clients span diverse industries such as technology, pharmaceuticals, and education.

Wei Guo

Wei Guo from Tian Yuan Law Firm deals with a wide spectrum of contentious and non-contentious employment-related scenarios. This involves labour disputes, terminations, advisory services and compliance issues across the financial services, telecoms and insurance industries.

Yi Duan

Laowei Law Firm’s Yi Duan holds a strong standing in the employment market for his robust defence of employees in labour law conflicts.

Chunyun Pang

Based in Shanghai, Chunyun Pang of Jincheng Tongda & Neal Law Firm specialises in contentious employment matters. Regular discernable patterns can be seen, ranging from terminations to employee transfer projects, with her diverse clientele.

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Yingping Wu

With extensive experience in employment law, Yingping Wu of Beijing Easyhal Law Firm regularly caters to international and domestic enterprises on numerous matters, including layoffs and labour disputes.

Gordon Minghao Feng

Gordon Feng of JunHe LLP has built a robust reputation in the employment law field. He has a strong aptitude in managing matters stemming from corporate transactions and layoffs, even in the absence of a precise website reference.

In summary, these lawyers provide robust expertise and an understanding of complex Chinese employment laws. Their guidance has proved invaluable for corporations dealing with labour disputes, compliance, terminations and other employment matters. As China continues to evolve its employment laws, the strategic insights of these top lawyers will remain sought after.

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