Top 10 Influential Dispute Resolution Lawyers in Trinidad & Tobago 2023

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On the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, a dynamic field of Dispute Resolution lawyers are driving changes within the legal landscape. These attorneys specialize in areas of law such as contractual disputes, insurance claims, tax appeals, and white-collar crime, among others. They are employed by some of the top law firms in Trinidad & Tobago and handle high-stakes cases that often have far-reaching impacts on the business sector. This piece highlights ten of these General Business Law: Dispute Resolution lawyers who continue to make significant strides in their field.

Joan Byrne is a seasoned veteran in the field and has made a name for herself through her expertise in family law and other contentious mandates. Unfortunately, her firm, Byrne & Byrne, does not yet have a website, but her reputation continues to make waves in the business law industry in Trinidad and Tobago.

Joan Byrne

With a name that is well-regarded in the legal field, Joan Byrne of Byrne & Byrne is known for her expertise dealing with family law-related matters. Although her firm does not have a website as yet, her diligent work has earned her strong recognition within the General Business Law: Dispute Resolution industry.

Jonathan Walker

Jonathan Walker is synonymous with success in Trinidad’s largest commercial disputes. He leads the dispute and risk management group at M. Hamel-Smith & Co. where he excels in High Court litigation and appellate proceedings.

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Jason Mootoo

Highly regarded for tackling high-profile cases, Jason Mootoo, an independent attorney, has substantial expertise in dealing with a gamut of disputes ranging from employment and white-collar crime to significant construction matters.

Mark Morgan

Mark Morgan, the preeminent force behind the litigation team at Fitzwilliam Stone, boasts a solid reputation for managing high-value tax appeals in addition to dealing with issues in shipping and oil and gas sectors.

Marcelle Ferdinand

Managing Partner of JD Sellier & Co., Marcelle Ferdinand, is highly renowned for her command over significant construction and employment matters, along with medical negligence claims and shipping disputes.

Rishi Dass

As one of the most promising younger advocates in his industry, Rishi Dass of Victoria Chambers has crafted a diverse practice that focuses on constitutional cases, public interest litigation, and general commercial matters.

Stephen A Singh

With a solid reputation in the Trinidadian dispute resolution sphere, Stephen A Singh of Johnson, Camacho & Singh is highly adept at handling both litigation and arbitration across a raft of disciplines, including od and gas, construction real estate, tax and insolvency.

Alana Bissessar

At Pollonais, Blanc, de la Bastide & Jacelon, Alana Bissessar is revered for her prowess in handling medical and professional negligence matters as well as personal injury litigation, representing a diverse client base that spans health boards to individual medical and legal professionals.

Adrian Byrne

At the same firm as Joan Byrne, Adrian Byrne is highly respected for his commercial litigation experience. His tenacity and quality work continue to impress, with recent notable disputes involving construction disputes.

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Gregory Pantin

Gregory Pantin, a respected disputes lawyer at M. Hamel Smith & Co., manages a variety of matters from trade and employment cases to personal injury disputes. Highly sought after for his expertise in both litigation and arbitration, Pantin remains a sound choice for those seeking legal recourse in Trinidad & Tobago.

These distinguished attorneys are among the crème de la crème in the realm of General Business Law: Dispute Resolution in Trinidad & Tobago. Their dedication, expertise, and continual strive to advance within their specialist fields make each of them an invaluable asset to the entire business community.

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