Top 10 Influential Corporate/M&A Lawyers Shaping Costa Rica’s Business Landscape in 2023

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Welcome to the home of legal prowess! Costa Rica boasts an impressive cadre of talented Corporate/M&A lawyers who have and continue to significantly impact the legal field, regionally and globally. This article, presented to you by, spotlights ten of these prominent legal practitioners and takes you on a journey through their unique skills, experiences and contributions to the Corporate/M&A industry in Costa Rica.

These lawyers have built solid reputations through their work at the leading law firms in the country. They possess unique expertise in Corporate/M&A law and often represent a diverse range of clients from insurance companies to corporations during mergers and acquisitions. The individuals in focus here are known for their intelligence, tenacity, and unwavering commitment to providing excellent legal advice and services.

As we begin, bear in mind that this list is not an exhaustive representation of all the phenomenal Corporate/M&A lawyers in Costa Rica. However, it certainly offers a glimpse into some of the formidable talent that Costa Rica’s legal industry has to offer.

Eric Scharf

Eric Scharf is an esteemed partner at Sfera Legal, well known for his expertise in representing insurance companies in mergers and acquisitions. His ability to handle highly sophisticated insurance mandates has earned him high praise from clients and colleagues alike.

Henry Rodríguez

Co-head of department at Nassar Abogados, Henry Rodríguez, often receives accolades for his adeptness in the Corporate/M&A field. Observers appreciate his intelligence and extensive experience in corporate legal matters.

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Rolando Laclé Zúñiga

Rolando Laclé Zúñiga has proven himself to be a dynamic co-head of department at Consortium Legal. His legal skills have gained commendation from many sources, securing him a strong reputation within Costa Rica’s corporate and M&A sector.

José Antonio Muñoz

José Antonio Muñoz, based in San José, is a trusted corporate lawyer at Dentons Muñoz. His established career has earned him the endorsement and admiration of many inside and outside the legal sphere.

Andrey Dorado

Andrey Dorado, a co-head of department at Arias Law, is a revered figure in the Costa Rican corporate sector. His significant experience and competence in dealing with relevant M&A mandates command respect from colleagues and clients alike.

Rafael A Quirós Bustamante

As a co-head of department and founding partner of CENTRAL LAW, Rafael Quirós Bustamante continues to leave his mark on the Costa Rican corporate and M&A arena, with particular expertise in consulting on expansion strategies and daily corporate considerations.

Melania Dittel

Melania Dittel, a co-head of department at Arias Law, has been praised for her excellence in handling corporate mandates within the Costa Rican market. Her clients commend her for her skill, dedication, and the confidence she instills in them.

Tracy Varela

An endorsed up-and-comer in the Costa Rican corporate and M&A sphere, Tracy Varela is a valued associate at Arias Law. She is lauded as a serious, competent, and committed lawyer by her colleagues and clients.

Tomás Nassar Jorge Jr.

As a co-head of department at Nassar Abogados, Tomás Nassar Jorge Jr is complimented for his exemplary management and the clarity of the professional advice he provides.

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John Aguilar Quesada

Department head at Aguilar Castillo Love, John Aguilar Quesada is highly regarded for his leading position within the corporate market in Costa Rica. Clients appreciate his responsiveness, attention to detail and ability to meet their requirements in a professional and timely manner.

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