Top 10 Influential Corporate Lawyers Transforming Manitoba’s Business Landscape in 2023

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With its diverse wealth of commercial and corporate lawyers, Manitoba is a hub of stellar legal advice. These legal experts demonstrate a comprehensive grasp of commercial law and its diverse complexities, from mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings, to specialized sectors like agriculture, banking and finance. They provide top-notch services to a wide array of clients, including financial providers, private businesses, pension funds and industries centred around agriculture. This article introduces a selection of these distinguished attorneys, shining a light on their practice, industry expertise, and the contributions they are continually making to Manitoba’s legal landscape.

Commercial law, fundamentally about business transactions, demands a broad and multi-faceted knowledge base. The lawyers featured in this article typify this requirement effortlessly, bringing to bear a depth of experience and expertise in the field that sets them head and shoulders above their peers. The services they offer are critical to the smooth running of businesses and the general health of the economy, and their prowess is sought after in both domestic and cross-border transactions.

The commercial and corporate lawyers of Manitoba truly provide an invaluable service. Each one with a unique skill set and areas of speciality, they continue to make impactful contributions to the success of numerous enterprises within Manitoba, across the country, and beyond. With a focus on professionalism, integrity and client service, they are a powerful testament to the calibre of legal talent Manitoba has to offer.

Cy M. Fien

Profoundly specialized in matters involving tax litigation and corporate reorganisation, Cy Fien is a senior tax lawyer and a member of the Fillmore Riley LLP based in Winnipeg. Quite notable for his extensive knowledge on a gamut of corporate transactions. Details here.

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Bruce Taylor

Highly regarded for his adept representation of financial service providers, Bruce Taylor from Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP has carved out a niche for himself in bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings. You can learn more about Bruce Taylor here.

Jody S Langhan

A member of the Fillmore Riley LLP, Jody Langhan operates a top-tier corporate law practice that spans a range of matters including financing and M&A transactions alongside advisory services on First Nations economic development. Langhan’s legal prowess can be seen here.

Bruce King

This seasoned corporate attorney has over three decades of experience under his belt in transactional work, Bruce King of Pitblado LLP is keenly sought after by many in Manitoba for his expertise on mergers and acquisitions, among other corporate and commercial matters. As of this writing, Bruce King does not have a firm website.

Nigel Thompson

Stationed in Manitoba’s capital, Winnipeg, Nigel Thompson from MLT Aikins LLP routinely handles corporate transactions within the mining and environment sectors. Discover Nigel Thompson’s accomplishments here.

James A Ferguson KC

Esteemed lawyer James Ferguson KC of MLT Aikins LLP boasts deep experience advising on corporate and commercial transactions with a special focus on the agriculture sector. For more about James A Ferguson KC, visit the link here.

Greg Tallon

Greg Tallon from Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP enjoys a reputable standing for his transactional practice which encapsulates work on cross-border deals. Learn about Greg Tallon’s expertises here.

Lisa Stiver

Chair of Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP’s management committee, Lisa Stiver is lauded for her representation of lenders in commercial transactions. Find out more about Lisa’s accomplishments here.

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Brian Lerner

Also based in Winnipeg, Brian Lerner from MLT Aikins LLP expertly advises on M&A transactions as well as leveraged buyouts, securities, and corporate governance. For more information about Brian Lerner’s work, follow the link here.

Timothy S. Dewart

Timothy Dewart from Fillmore Riley LLP is highly regarded for his banking and finance work. You can get to know more about Timothy and his practice here.

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