Top 10 Influential Corporate Lawyers in Sichuan, China for 2023

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In the ever complex corporate and commercial landscape of China, numerous lawyers stand out for their exceptional expertise and stalwart dedication to their clients. Here, we present an array of brilliant lawyers based in Sichuan province, particularly skilled in dealing with numerous facets of corporate and commercial proceedings. With each boasting a unique skillset and mastering their respective areas of expertise, these tenacious professionals represent some of the best legal minds in the region.

Renowned for intricate knowledge of their chosen areas of practice, these lawyers represent a variety of firms, from powerhouses like Dentons China, to rising entities such as Canway Law Firm. Serving an array of clients, including multinational companies, domestic corporates, financial institutions, and large enterprises, these lawyers bring unparalleled expertise in dealing with high-stake, complex legal issues vital to the success of their clients.

Armed with excellent technical skills, adept negotiation abilities and profound knowledge of Chinese and international laws, these lawyers serve as trusted allies to their clients, guiding them through unchartered legal pathways with conviction and confidence. With that said, let’s delve into the list:

Ying Lan – Dentons China

Dentons China houses Ying Lan, an expert in insolvency law. She frequently acts in bankruptcy proceedings for companies and is well-versed in handling commercial disputes.

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Yingmei Han – Tahota Law Firm

At Tahota Law Firm is Yingmei Han, who assists financial institutions in investment and asset management. She is also experienced in handling capital markets and corporate/M&A for large enterprises.

Qiang Tu – Canway Law Firm

Canway Law Firm‘s Qiang Tu is notably known for his specialism in dispute resolution. He handles litigation relating to finance, real estate and construction contracts.

Kaixiang Zhang – Tahota Law Firm

Kaixiang Zhang, another prodigy from Tahota Law Firm, is gaining ground in the corporate sector with his knowledge of the TMT sector, handling capital market transactions and his recent ventures into restructurings.

Guolin Deng – Zhong Lun Law Firm

Guolin Deng at Zhong Lun Law Firm has considerable experience in representing large domestic corporates on a wide range of real estate issues. His contribution to the drafting of various pieces of legislation is also lauded.

Hong Ni – Tahota Law Firm

Tahota Law Firm has another notable lawyer in Hong Ni, with her expertise in corporate, insolvency and IP matters. She also offers insight into real estate issues, including project financing, land acquisition and tax planning.

Bo Shi – Grandall Law Firm

Renowned for his knowledge in infrastructure construction, land development, M&A and dispute resolution, Bo Shi finds his place in Grandall Law Firm.

Jun Luo – Chihkao Law Firm

Chihkao Law Firm‘s founder and director, Jun Luo, is primarily a dispute lawyer but also extends his expertise into bond issuances.

Guopeng Li – W&H Law Firm

Guopeng Li of W&H Law Firm shares his comprehensive knowledge on commercial issues garnered through his experience as an in-house counsel, frequently advising on debt financings such as bond projects.

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Ying Deng – W&H Law Firm

Ying Deng, also from W&H Law Firm, specialises in non-performance asset and corporate governance. Her recent work also includes consulting on financing transactions.

This list showcases the wide spectrum of legal expertise available in Sichuan’s corporate and commercial legal sphere. Each of these lawyers brings rich experience and profound knowledge to the table, making them invaluable assets to their firms and tenacious advocates for their clients.

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