Top 10 Influential Corporate Lawyers in Minas Gerais, Brazil 2023

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In the world of Corporate/Commercial Law, Brazil boasts a plethora of accomplished practitioners, many of whom have left their indelible mark in Minas Gerais. These eminent attorneys command the respect of clients and peers alike for their unsurpassed expertise, creative solutions, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Let’s introduce some of the most interesting and influential personalities in the Minas Gerais corporate/commercial law sector who have created significant value for their clients and shaped industry-leading practices.

The quality of legal advice in Minas Gerais can influence a corporation’s trajectory, making it absolutely imperative that the expertise and acumen of a law practitioner resonates completely with the legal needs of a client. The lawyers highlighted here have carved a niche for themselves in their respective domains, through sheer perspicacity and relentless dedication. They are not just the interpreters of law for their clients, but astute partners who aid in navigating the complexities of corporate and commercial spheres.

In this realm of intricate legalities, the following personalities stand out for their stellar contribution and exemplifying the best of Minas Gerais corporate/commercial law.

Daniel Manucci

At the Manucci Advogados, rests the accomplished Daniel Manucci whose forte is M&A deals and corporate governance topics. He is acknowledged for his seamless efficiency and technical expertise in dealing with sophisticated issues.

Adriano Ferraz

Adept in M&A and corporate finance transactions, Adriano Ferraz of Freitas Ferraz Advogados is recognized for his insightful approach and inventive solutions to a client’s predicaments.

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Pedro Ernesto

Associate-to-watch Pedro Ernesto from the firm Vilas Boas, Lopes e Frattari Advogados, is lauded for his extensive understanding of corporate law and governance issues.

Ana Paula Terra

Ana Paula Terra of Azevedo Sette Advogados brings her impressive knowledge to the forefront while dealing with M&A deals, with an in-depth understanding of diverse industries including the mining and energy sectors.

Ordélio Azevedo Sette

The Azevedo Sette Advogados is also home to the illustrious Ordélio Azevedo Sette. A doyen in corporate and commercial law practice in Minas Gerais, he is ascribed as a relevant figure for providing influential legal opinions.

Alessandra Rezende Torres

Alessandra Rezende Torres, an associate-to-watch at Rolim, Viotti, Goulart, Cardoso Advogados is celebrated for her prowess in M&A and corporate restructuring, drawing praise for her commercial awareness and top-notch client services.

Pedro Paulo Moreira Rodrigues

Pedro Paulo Moreira Rodrigues from Goulart & Colepicolo Advogados masterfully handles negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts and complex M&A issues, garnering client admiration for his efficiency and commitment.

Paula Chaves

Paula Chaves of Coimbra, Chaves & Batista Advogados has built her reputation in dealing with M&A transactions, including due diligence and SPA drafting and negotiation by coupling deep technical knowledge with commercial aptitude.

Frederico Viana Rodrigues

At Cescon, Barrieu, Flesch & Barreto Advogados, Frederico Viana Rodrigues has proven his chops in M&A mandates and corporate finance with his solid technical knowledge and demonstrable experience.

Gustavo Magalhães

Particularly known for his impeccable work concerning PPP projects, Gustavo Magalhães of Fialho Salles Advogados stands distinguished for his technical acumen and remarkable interpersonal skills when tackling complex issues.

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In conclusion, these ten lawyers represent a formidable pool of talent in the field of corporate and commercial law in Minas Gerais. Their exceptional contributions and unflinching devotion towards their profession make them some of the most influential lawyers in Brazil, shaping the course of businesses through skilled legal counsel.

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