Top 10 Influential Chinese Family/Matrimonial Lawyers in International Firms 2023

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Family and matrimonial law are sensitive fields that require a depth of understanding, professionalism, and compassion. China boasts a plethora of international law firms that house some of the best in this field. Their expert advice and handling of a variety of cases including financial settlements, child-related cases, and divorce proceedings, make them the top choice for anyone seeking representation or counselling in these delicate matters. The following are some of the most notable Family/Matrimonial lawyers in China:

Each lawyer is recognized through their years of experience and their commendable approach to dealing with family matters with professionalism and sensitivity. Ranging from vast experience in handling various matrimonial matters to being widely sought after for their problem-solving expertise, these lawyers are undeniably well-embedded within the legal field.

Whether dealing with divorce, child custody or other complex familial matters, these professionals ensure their clients receive the best advice and support. To provide a thorough overview, we have provided a comprehensive review of each lawyer along with links to their firms’ websites for your reference.

Stephen Peaker at Oldham, Li & Nie

Stephen Peaker has vast experience handling numerous matrimonial matters, with a special aptitude for financial settlement and trust issues.

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Elsie Liu at Haldanes

Highly commended for her skills as a mediator, Elsie Liu is frequently called upon to assist in matrimonial mediation assignments as well as alternative dispute resolution matters.

Nicholas Hemens at Haldanes

Nicholas Hemens is highly respected for his longstanding expertise in the family and matrimonial space, and offers guidance on post-divorce financial arrangements and complex child cases.

Rita Ku at Rita Ku & Ser

With extensive experience, Rita Ku has a wide-ranging portfolio of family and matrimonial mandates including ancillary relief, child-related cases, and nuptial agreements.

Stacey Devoy at Howse Williams

Stacey Devoy has a broad family and matrimonial practice, and excels in advising high-net-worth clients on trust arrangements and disputes.

Usha Casewell at Boase Cohen & Collins

Usha Casewell has honed a notable practice in the family and matrimonial sphere, specializing in divorce proceedings, child arrangement, and ancillary relief matters.

Winnie Chow at CRB

Winnie Chow carries a wealth of experience advising on international family law mandates and specializes in mediation and collaborative cases.

Elaine Sum at Haldanes

Increasingly recognized by market sources, Elaine Sum provides guidance on a variety of family and matrimonial matters, including divorces and children cases.

Barbara A Hung at Chaine, Chow & Barbara Hung

Renowned for handling family and matrimonial disputes, Barbara Hung’s concrete experience has earned her considerable recognition in the market.

Caroline McNally at Gall

With a dynamic family and matrimonial practice, Caroline McNally excels at dealing with a wide range of contentious matters and is highly sought-after for financial settlement matters and cases involving children.

Each of these professionals have their unique strengths and expertise, making them the go-to choice for individuals seeking advice and representation in the complex and sensitive field of Family and Matrimonial law. Their wealth of experience and compassionate handling of cases have made them irreplaceable within their industry.

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