Top 10 Influential Brazilian Environmental Lawyers of 2023: An Insightful Overview

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Brazil is renowned for its lush rainforests, diverse wildlife and commitment to environmental conservation. With environmental awareness and concern for sustainability growing globally, the demand for lawyers specializing in environmental law has observed significant growth. This article showcases some of the well-reputed environment lawyers in Brazil who are instrumental in advising and representing clients in complex environmental matters. Their expertise ranges from waste management, environmental disputes, regulatory compliance, resource management, to environmental due diligence and licensing.

These professionals bring a broad spectrum of skills and insights to the table, drawing on years of experience and deep understanding of the dynamic field of environmental law. The various sectors they serve include but are not limited to energy, natural resources and waste management sectors. The contribution provided by these individuals goes far beyond their roles as attorneys as they play a vital role in preserving and protecting Brazil’s natural assets.

The list of environment lawyers presented here was assembled based on inputs from various sources, including peers, industry experts, and clients. Each lawyer brings a unique combination of experience, skills and dedication to the table that distinguishes them in the legal landscape of Brazil. The exquisite bios endeavour to capture their unique perspectives, highlighting the depth of expertise and the value they bring to their clients.

Adriana de Paiva Corrêa

Adriana de Paiva Corrêa operates at the firm Verri Paiva, and is recognized for her knack for dealing with both contentious and non-contentious matters pertaining to the environment. Her ability to present detailed work in a succinct manner makes her a valued partner for her clients.

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Gustavo Trindade

Gustavo Trindade of Trindade, Lavratti & Advogados Associados is a force to reckon with in the environmental law sector. His past stint at the Environment Ministry places him at an advantageous position while advising clients on environmental matters.

Oscar Graça Couto

A respected figure in the industry, Oscar Graça Couto from Graça Couto, Sequerra, Levitinas, Bicudo, Leal & Abby Advogados is revered for his environmental litigation and consultancy expertise. His vast experience in the field always brings fresh and interesting insights to the table.

Fabricio Soler

Leading the environmental practice at Felsberg Advogados, Fabricio Soler is known for his proficiency in waste management. His strategic and reliable approach makes him a favored legal advisor among clients.

Luis Celso Cecilio Leite Ribeiro

Specializing in high-profile environmental disputes, Luis Celso Cecilio Leite Ribeiro of Pinheiro Neto Advogados is commended for the depth of his commitment and understanding of his clients’ objectives.

Luiz Fernando Henry Sant’Anna

Leading the practice group at Demarest Advogados, Luiz Fernando Henry Sant’Anna is sought after for his expertise across a variety of environmental issues. His meticulous guidance and profound knowledge make him an excellent environmental advocate.

Édis Milaré

Recognized as a standout attorney in the environmental law sector in Brazil, Édis Milaré from Milaré Advogados is respected for his comprehensive understanding of environmental concerns and the decisive role he plays in contentious and non-contentious matters.

Simone Paschoal Nogueira

Simone Paschoal Nogueira of SiqueiraCastro – Advogados is a preferred advisor for clients in the energy, natural resources and waste management sectors. She is commended for her expertise in handling a myriad of environmental issues, including judicial and administrative disputes.

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Walter José Senise

Handling a broad array of environmental matters, Walter José Senise from Senise & Paiva Advogados gains prominence for his advice on site contamination, resource management and risk assessments. He stands out for his exceptional lawyering skills.

Fernando de Faria Tabet

Known for his profound knowledge, Fernando de Faria Tabet of Tabet Advogados is noted for his representation of clients in environmental due diligence, licensing matters, and disputes.

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