Top 10 Influential Brazilian Antitrust Lawyers of 2023: In-Depth Analysis

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Competition law, often referred to as antitrust law, promotes and seeks to maintain market competition by regulating anti-competitive conduct by companies. In Brazil, not only is this legal area incredibly important, it’s also filled with highly skilled and experienced lawyers who dedicate their careers to ensuring competition is fair and healthy. This article will introduce and showcase several of these outstanding attorneys practicing in various firms across Brazil.

Each lawyer has their own unique approach to handling competition and antitrust cases. Their areas of focus may vary, from working on merger control proceedings and cartel investigations, to assisting with administrative proceedings before the Administrative Council for Economic Defence (CADE), a Brazilian governmental agency that administrates the competition law. Let’s delve into their backgrounds, specialties, and the valuable contributions they’re making in their respective fields.

As the dynamics of competition law continue to evolve in a rapidly changing business world, these legal professionals are there to guide businesses through intricate processes and high-stakes decisions. Here are some of Brazil’s most notable competition and antitrust lawyers:

Mauro Grinberg

Senior statesman Mauro Grinberg, from the firm Grinberg, Cordovil Advogados, is admired for his illustrious career in the competition realm. He leans on his prior experience as a CADE commissioner to offer advice on delicate and sophisticated investigations in competition and antitrust matters.

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Marcel Medon Santos

At the esteemed TozziniFreire Advogados firm, Marcel Medon Santos is often trusted by companies to negotiate agreements and conduct investigations related to anti-competitive behavior. Known for his technical prowess and accessibility, Santos also handles judicial disputes involving cartel damage claims.

Daniel Oliveira Andreoli

Daniel Oliveira Andreoli from Demarest Advogados is lauded for his solid expertise in the competitive sphere. His ability to manage projects effectively, provide solid advice, and maintain a calm demeanor during high-pressure situations makes him a valuable asset to his clients.

Marcos Antonio Tadeu Exposto Jr

Partner Marcos Antonio Tadeu Exposto Jr of BMA – Barbosa, Müssnich, Aragão is involved in advising clients on intricate merger control proceedings before CADE and conducts cartel investigations. He has notable experience in the water supply and waste management, healthcare and entertainment sectors. Visit the BMA website here.

Bernardo Cascão

Also from BMA – Barbosa, Müssnich, Aragão, Luis Bernardo Cascão has proven himself to be highly specialized in antitrust matters, earning high regard among clients and peers. His work involves merger control proceedings and cartel investigations.

José Del Chiaro Ferreira da Rosa

Senior statesman José Del Chiaro Ferreira da Rosa from Advocacia Del Chiaro is recognised for his broad experience in Brazilian competition and antitrust practice areas. His expertise is highly sought after for sophisticated investigations and proceedings before CADE.

Tercio Sampaio Ferraz Jr

At Sampaio Ferraz Advogados, Tercio Sampaio Ferraz Jr. is widely respected by clients for his deep-rooted knowledge in the competition arena, assisting with legal opinions, and administrative proceedings before CADE.

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Vinicius Marques de Carvalho

Vinicius Marques de Carvalho, although without a firm website, enjoys a strong reputation in the competition realm. His comprehensive understanding and international capabilities make him a highly sought after advisor on complex issues before CADE, including investigations and merger control proceedings.

Sérgio Varella Bruna

From Lobo de Rizzo Advogados, seasoned partner Sérgio Varella Bruna assists companies with an array of competition mandates. His thoughtful, business-minded approach and extensive experience instil a great deal of tranquillity and confidence in his clients.

Gabriel Nogueira Dias

Gabriel Nogueira Dias of Magalhães e Dias represent clients in a variety of competition mandates at CADE, his exceptional intelligence and charisma make him stand out among competition/antitrust lawyers in Brazil.

The lawyers mentioned above are respected figures in the field of competition and antitrust law in Brazil. In the ever-evolving world of business, their expertise and advice are invaluable, safeguarding the principles of fair competition and promoting healthy business practices.

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