Top 10 Influential Agribusiness Lawyers Shaping Brazil’s 2023 Legal Landscape

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Agribusiness is a vital pillar of Brazilian economy, accounting for about 25% of the country’s GDP. Lawyers specializing in this sector are therefore of crucial importance. They deal with a uniquely complex and dynamic array of issues from property rights, labour laws, environmental regulations, trade policies to financial services. Below, we spotlight leading agribusiness lawyers in Brazil and highlight their skills, experience, and reputations.

These highly-regarded practitioners have all made a name for themselves by successfully navigating complex transactions, litigation and regulatory issues. As the agribusiness sector in Brazil continues its robust growth trajectory, the contributions of these legal professionals are likely to become even more significant.

Notably, they bring a depth of technical knowledge, commitment, precision, and strategic guidance that allows them to meet the challenges of a vibrant and evolving industry. Let’s take a closer look at some of these brilliant legal minds.

Fábio Moretti de Gois

Fábio Moretti de Gois is an associate-to-watch at Pinheiro Neto Advogados. He has been recognized for his clarity, availability, agility, and diligent work in the agribusiness sector. His dynamic approach has left a profound impression on colleagues and clients alike.

Ben-Hur Cabrera

With his solid practice and impeccable work, Ben-Hur Cabrera of Petribu, Cabrera e Pires de Mello Advogados is known for managing a wide array of agribusiness specific matters, providing efficient solutions to environmental and labour risks, and ensuring successful credit recovery.

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Renato Buranello

Renato Buranello stands out as a distinguished authority on agribusiness at Vaz, Buranello, Shingaki & Oioli Advogados. His wide-reaching academic background, strategic advice, and prominent participation in sector-specific conversations make him a highly sought-after authority in the field.

Frederico Favacho

Recognized as an up-and-coming agribusiness practitioner, Frederico Favacho with Santos Neto Advogados is credited for his deep understanding of the sector. His practice also extends to arbitration and international contracts.

Thiago Soares Gerbasi

Thiago Soares Gerbasi from Franco Leutewiler Henriques Advogados has been noted for his strong technical knowledge and skills to tackle contentious matters. Gerbasi leaves a strong imprint in the field of agribusiness in Brazil.

Fernando Pellenz

Renowned for his expertise in contract negotiations related to rural activities, Fernando Pellenz with Souto Correa Advogados is a well-regarded practitioner. He has consistently demonstrated a keen understanding of the agribusiness market.

Christian de Lima Ramos

A well-established figure in the agribusiness realm, Christian de Lima Ramos at RGSH Advogados is credited for his deep knowledge of financial and capital markets operations in the field, including IPOs and M&A procedures.

Luis Bellini

Newly promoted to the partnership at Madrona Advogados, Luis Bellini is applauded for his technical skills and understanding of the agribusiness and the securitisation market. His ability to organize and structure complex operations has earned him high praise from clients.

Ralph Sticca

Regarded as an “excellent lawyer,” Ralph Sticca of Passos e Sticca Advogados Associados is recognized for his work on litigation involving tax and credit recovery in the agribusiness sector. His expertise also spans corporate law, including M&A proceedings.

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Eduardo Oliveira Lima

Eduardo Oliveira Lima of Huck, Otranto, Camargo Advogados handles a wide array of agribusiness matters, efficiently tackling corporate assistance, negotiations and litigations. Clients regard him as their “point of reference” for agribusiness matters within the firm.

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