Top 10 Henan Corporate Lawyers Shaping China’s Commercial Landscape in 2023

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In the current global business environment, expertise is more crucial than ever to navigate complex corporate and commercial laws. This is especially true in the rapidly developing business landscape of China. For businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors seeking to understand the intricacies of the corporate and commercial domain in Henan province, the services of an accomplished and knowledgeable lawyer are indispensable. These legal professionals can provide sound advice, strategies, and representation to help clients safeguard their interests, mitigate potential risks, and seize growth opportunities. Here, we highlight some of the key corporate/commercial lawyers from Henan Province in the PRC firms who have made a notable impact in their area of practice.

Hulin Zhao: Chainwin Law Firm

A reputable name in the corporate and commercial realm, Hulin Zhao, works with Chainwin Law Firm. With a vast knowledge base in areas such as M&A, bond issuance, and investment, Zhao Hulin’s market-facing skills extend to insolvency and restructuring. For more information, visit Chainwin Law Firm . Hulin Zhao is based in Henan, China.

Jingbao Wang: Henan Dazheng Law Firm

Jingbao Wang, an eminent figure in the legal sector, brings his 30-plus-years of knowledge and experience to Henan Dazheng Law Firm. Wang has developed an expertise in securities and arbitration issues and continues as a trusted legal consultant to the government of Henan Province.

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Xuyan Li: Dentons China

Xuyan Li, associated with Dentons China, is another respected lawyer highly regarded for her civil and commercial dispute resolution skills. Li is adept at handling finance, insurance, real estate and international trade matters. For more details, visit Dentons China .

Yanli Zhang: Henan Zhongye Law Office

At the helm of Henan Zhongye Law Office is Yanli Zhang, a stand-out lawyer known for his work in bankruptcy and debt disputes, where he regularly represents creditors. Learn more about Zhang and his firm at Henan Zhongye Law Office .

Junhong Li: Dentons China

Dentons China’s Junhong Li is a renowned name thanks to his knowledge in restructuring and insolvency matters. Li’s reach extends to liquidation, bankruptcy reorganisation, and asset disposal. More can be learned about his work on the Dentons China website.

Xinggao Ling: Henan Guoji Law Firm

Xinggao Ling from Henan Guoji Law Firm has marked his specialty in the real estate and construction sector. His clientele frequently seek his insights in PPP, construction disputes and real estate development. Check out Henan Guoji Law Firm for more.

Shulong Ma: Henan Golden Diamond Law Firm

Shulong Ma from Henan Golden Diamond Law Firm is an acknowledged expert in the Henan province, offering a wealth of advice on corporate and construction legal matters. His proficiency spans corporate bond issuance, restructuring and BOT work.

Shuqu Li: Yingke Law Firm

Shuqu Li is a dynamic corporate/commercial lawyer at Yingke Law Firm known for his skills relating to securities, M&A and tax advisory. A dual-qualified professional as a lawyer and a certified public accountant, Li provides sound advice on tax planning, tax review and tax litigation.

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Jianying Zhao: TianTong Law Firm

Heading TianTong’s Zhengzhou office, Jianying Zhao is a skilled commercial litigator. Zhao’s domain expertise lies particularly in real estate and construction law matters.

Guozheng Shi: Kingbird Law Firm

A prominent member of Kingbird Law Firm’s corporate/commercial group, Guozheng Shi brings a broad range of experience to the table, adept at issues related to non-performing assets, corporate restructurings, and other civil and commercial litigation tasks.

This roster of lawyers presents some of the brightest and most experienced legal minds in corporate and commercial law in Henan, China, helping clients navigate the often complex route to their business goals. Choosing the appropriate lawyer to guide your commercial pathway is essential when dealing with high-stakes and complex legal issues. Each of these lawyers brings a unique mix of knowledge, experience, and skills to the table, catering to various individual and business needs.

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