Top 10 Financial Crime Lawyers in London Firms: Insights 2023

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London is known for its significant role in international finance, thereby increasing its prominence and significance in financial crime as well. In a city where large money transactions and financial activities are part of the daily routine, the risk of financial crime heightens. Residing in this crucial commercial hub are a number of distinguished and respected lawyers, specializing in the field of financial crime. We take a glimpse into their backgrounds and successful careers, providing invaluable services in an intricate yet critical area of law.

These professionals are pivotal, not only in protecting their clients’ interests but also in ensuring financial ethics and safety within the economy. Their work resonates within the legal field, each having their unique approach and area of expertise. They handle complex cases that pertain to financial fraud, money laundering, bribery, and false accounting; ensuring justice is delivered meticulously and promptly.

It is essential to appreciate their commitment and dedication since the ramifications of financial crimes can extend beyond monetary loss, impacting societal trust and the integrity of the financial system. Let’s dive deep into these lawyers, understanding their contribution in maneuvering the ramifications of financial crimes in such a complex, interconnected economy.

Ian Ryan, Howard Kennedy LLP

Ian Ryan heads the business crime and regulatory practice at Howard Kennedy LLP. He is well known for his expertise in advising defendants on both criminal and disciplinary matters in the legal services field. He brings a wealth of experience in assisting senior lawyers with SRA investigations relating to sexual misconduct.

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Peter Binning, Corker Binning

Peter Binning is highly respected for his proficiency in POCA cases relating to financial crime and money laundering. With his previous experience at the SFO, Binning is well placed to advise clients during their investigations by the agency.

Dylan G. Moses, K&L Gates

Dylan G. Moses is renowned for handling complex SFO, FRC and FCA investigations pertaining to fraud, bribery and false accounting.

Jessica Parker, Corker Binning

Jessica Parker has received acclaim for representing clients in confiscation proceedings. She also frequently deals with cross-border matters relating to money laundering.

Harry Travers, BCL Solicitors LLP

Harry Travers is celebrated for his vast experience in representing clients in complex investigations brought by the CPS and SFO into suspected bribery, false accounting and corruption.

Richard Sallybanks, BCL Solicitors LLP

Richard Sallybanks is noted for his in-depth experience in POCA and frequently handles complex multi-jurisdictional issues relating to financial crime.

David Corker, Corker Binning

David Corker is renowned for his immense experience in the field. He is a trusted advisor on international money laundering cases and provides assistance to clients under investigation by the NCA and SFO.

Ross Dixon, Hickman & Rose

Ross Dixon is famed for his work on POCA cases relating to money laundering allegations. He also assists clients with issues arising from bribery and tax fraud.

Michael Potts, PCB Byrne

Michael Potts is recognized for advising on asset recovery matters concerning receivership. His experience extends to multi-jurisdictional asset forfeiture proceedings.

Matthew Frankland, PCB Byrne

Matthew Frankland has earned respect for his expertise in cross-border criminal investigations. He also acts on connected confiscation proceedings.

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