Top 10 Elite Employment Lawyers Shaping Spain’s Labor Market in 2023

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The Spanish legal scene is home to many distinguished legal professionals, a significant number of whom are recognized globally for their expertise in the employment sector. These outstanding practitioners include lawyers who are consistently lauded for their astute advice on labor law issues, their proficiency at handling key serious matters, and their exceptional ability to steer intricate negotiations. This article showcases some of Spain’s most elite employment lawyers who continue to break new ground with their work, ushering in innovation while providing top-notch legal services.

In an increasingly connected global marketplace where employment issues often take center stage, these lawyers stand out. They are regularly involved in high-profile cases that have significant implications for their client organizations and the broader business and legal landscape. The practitioners highlighted here are the professionals at the helm of the best-performing law firms in Spain, instrumental in shaping corporate policies and influencing key decisions related to a wide array of employment matters.

The following legal luminaries represent a broad spectrum of expertise in the field of employment law, delivering insightful perspectives to their clients while paving the way for judicious employment practices. Their contribution to this interpretative and constantly evolving area of law is noteworthy.

David Díaz (Baker McKenzie)

David Díaz is a high-ranking law professional renowned for his impressive market activity. His vast knowledge in image rights agreements, transfers, and tax issues makes him a highly sought-after lawyer. He is also experienced in handling criminal investigations related to misappropriation of funds.

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Rafael Giménez-Arnau (Garrigues)

Another notable legal strategist is Rafael Giménez-Arnau who is renowned for his prowess in handling complex labour investigations and collective lay-off matters.

Fernando Ruiz Linaza (Deloitte Legal SLP)

Fernando Ruiz Linaza is highly acclaimed for advising organizations on implementing remuneration policies, dealing with social security issues and enforcing COVID-19 reforms in workplaces.

Iván López García de la Riva (Abdón Pedrajas)

Known for his expert handling of labour-related issues, Iván López García de la Riva is adept at dealing with contentious and non-contentious employment mandates including labour force reorganization.

Iván Gayarre Conde (Sagardoy Abogados)

Highly experienced in handling collective bargaining agreements, Iván Gayarre Conde also skilfully manages redundancy processes in the constellation of insolvency proceedings.

José Luis Cebrián (Garrigues)

Sought after for his exceptional strength in employment law, José Luis Cebrián is proficient in handling corporate restructurings that involve internal labour reforms.

Ana Hernández (Allen & Overy LLP)

With her deep acumen in dealing with a range of labour law issues, Ana Hernández is an invaluable aid on matters of collective dismissals, equality plans and M&A-related cases.

José Manuel Mateo (Garrigues)

Recognized for his extensive experience in handling M&A-related employment cases, José Manuel Mateo also provides expert assistance in complex executive dismissals and employee transfers.

Carmen Torres (Simmons & Simmons LLP)

Providing comprehensive support on a wide array of employment issues, Carmen Torres is especially adept at handling transactional support and misconduct at work cases.

Jorge Aranaz (Cuatrecasas)

Noted for his work with unions, Jorge Aranaz is proficient in the negotiation of flexible work policies. He also supports collective bargaining agreement negotiations.

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