Top 10 Dutch TMT: Media Lawyers Shaping The Industry in Netherlands

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In the fast-paced world of media and technology, the need for legal advice and representation is crucial. From compliance with media regulations to litigation concerning the presentation of disinformation, media lawyers play a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of the industry. In this article, we will showcase and explain some of the most interesting TMT: Media lawyers in Netherlands.

Machteld Robichon – bureau Brandeis

Machteld Robichon is a media lawyer who advises clients on compliance with media regulations, applications for licenses, and negotiating sponsorship and advertising agreements. With an in-depth understanding of the legal requirements in the industry, Machteld ensures her clients navigate the complex landscape of media law effectively. For more information, visit the bureau Brandeis website.

Olaf Trojan – Bird & Bird

Olaf Trojan, co-head of the media group at Bird & Bird, has extensive experience in representing clients in defamation and liability cases. His specialization also includes advising on production rights and matters related to freedom of speech in the media industry. To learn more about Olaf and his work, please visit the Bird & Bird website.

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Dorien Verhulst – Brinkhof

Dorien Verhulst is a media lawyer who focuses on litigation concerning the presentation of disinformation, liability for content provided by third-party advertisers, and the right to be forgotten. With her expertise in the media and technology sector, Dorien provides valuable advice to her clients. To know more about Dorien and her work, visit the Brinkhof website.

Remy Chavannes – Brinkhof

Remy Chavannes is a top media regulatory lawyer in the Netherlands. He represents clients in defamation claims, disputes over jurisdiction, freedom of information litigation, and advises on online content distribution and the right to be forgotten. With his extensive knowledge in media law, Remy helps his clients navigate through legal challenges effectively. Learn more about Remy by visiting the Brinkhof website.

Jens van den Brink – Kennedy Van der Laan

Jens van den Brink is a leading media law specialist with a focus on contentious matters. He represents clients in defamation cases, attempts to prevent the publication of misinformation, and disputes relating to advertising. As a highly regarded media lawyer, Jens protects his clients’ interests with expertise. To find out more about Jens and his work, please visit the Kennedy Van der Laan website.

Arnoud Boorsma – Pels Rijcken

Arnoud Boorsma specializes in administrative law, including acting for state entities and regulators in defense of appeals against the imposition of financial regulation measures. His experience in regulatory matters makes him a trusted advisor in the media and technology sector. For more information about Arnoud and his work, visit the Pels Rijcken website.

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Joran Spauwen – Kennedy Van der Laan

Joran Spauwen is highly regarded in the field of media and communications law. He handles contentious matters such as data disclosures, defamation, and assists with issues relating to freedom of information. Joran’s expertise and dedication to his clients make him a trusted legal advisor. To learn more about Joran and his work, please visit the Kennedy Van der Laan website.

Jacqueline Schaap – Visser Schaap & Kreijger

Jacqueline Schaap is well-known for her work in copyright infringement cases, trade mark infringement proceedings, and parallel import cases. With her in-depth knowledge of intellectual property rights and her understanding of the market, Jacqueline provides valuable advice to her clients. For more information about Jacqueline and her work, visit the Visser Schaap & Kreijger website.

Christiaan A Alberdingk Thijm – bureau Brandeis

Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm of bureau Brandeis is particularly known for his work in copyright litigation for media and publishing clients. He also handles advertising disputes and contentious trade mark applications. Christiaan’s extensive experience and ability to explain legal details make him a sought-after advisor. To learn more about Christiaan and his work, please visit the bureau Brandeis website.

Matthijs Kaaks – Boekx Advocaten

Matthijs Kaaks advises high-profile individuals on advertising disputes, particularly those related to the use of image rights without prior consent or false advertising claims. He also assists clients with defamation claims, providing skilled representation and legal guidance. For more information about Matthijs and his work, please visit the Boekx Advocaten website.

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