Top 10 Distinguished Intellectual Property Lawyers in Argentina for 2023

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The intellectual property (IP) space in Argentina is home to a dynamic and highly esteemed group of lawyers. As the world becomes more digitally connected, the importance of intellectual property in law and business cannot be overstated. From patents to trademarks, copyrights to trade secrets, these lawyers are the craftsmen ensuring that the legal system recognizes and protects the fruits of intellectual labor. In this article, we take a look at some of the most prominent IP lawyers in Argentina, showcasing their expertise, achievements, and contribution to this essential field of law.

These seasoned professionals have played crucial roles in the legal landscape of their country, and stand out not just in their understanding of the law, but also their strategic business insights. Through their exceptional work, they’ve gained acknowledgment from clients and industry observers alike. They bring to their work profound knowledge and insights, combining astute legal understanding with industry-specific expertise to provide tailored, effective solutions to their clients.

In Argentina, a country known for its vibrant culture and economic potential, these IP lawyers represent an integral part of the legal industry. They are seen as benchmarks, defining the standards for intellectual property law, and continue to shape the law to further cater to the requirements of businesses and individuals alike. The following are some leading IP lawyers in Argentina:

Jorge Otamendi – G Breuer

Jorge Otamendi, of the firm G Breuer, is an outstanding partner renowned for his leading practice in intellectual property law. He receives significant praise for his commercial awareness and extensive expertise in this field.

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Patricio Albornoz – Bomchil

Star associate Patricio Albornoz at Bomchil is highly recommended by the market. Renowned for his customer-oriented approach, he stands out for being a problem solver and understanding the industry’s requirements.

Pablo Armando – Noetinger & Armando

Up-and-coming partner Pablo Armando has gained the market’s attention with his excellent understanding of Argentine IP legislation and his ability to provide excellent service and insight into the business side of client relationships.

Alberto E Villegas – G Breuer

Active partner Alberto Villegas, also at G Breuer, assists clients with litigation and anti-counterfeiting cases and is recognized for his specialized brand litigation practice.

Carlos V. Castrillo – Castrillo & Castrillo

Carlos Castrillo of Castrillo & Castrillo comes with high praise for his technical expertise. His academic contributions to the sector further underscore his intellectual capability.

Juan Carlos de la Vega – Hausheer Belgrano & Fernandez

Juan Carlos de la Vega, with no firm website, is commended for his solid track record in advising clients about trademark prosecution and enforcement cases. His extensive experience in litigation further enhances his standing.

Diego Bouché Ocampo – Ferrer Reyes, Tellechea & Bouche

Diego Bouché Ocampo leads contentious trademark cases and assists clients with administrative trademark proceedings. He is known for his quick, friendly service and strong commercial awareness.

Alberto R. Berton-Moreno Jr – Berton Moreno IP Law

Alberto Berton-Moreno Jr advises clients on trademark prosecution and oppositions, as well as cancellation actions. His extensive experience in Argentine IP law earns him high regard.

Marcelo Oscar García Sellart – Gordó Llobell & Asociados

Marcelo Oscar García Sellart, also without a firm website, offers extensive experience in advising clients on trademark and copyright mandates. His reputation as a solid professional in industrial property trademarks precedes him.

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Gustavo Giay – Marval O’Farrell Mairal

Gustavo Giay has vast experience in advising clients in telecommunications and media mandates. His responsiveness, understanding of business needs, and practical advice have proven impact and value.

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