Top 10 Dispute Resolution Lawyers Shaping Costa Rica’s Legal Landscape in 2023

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Dispute resolution is an indispensable tool in the legal field, often offering parties an opportunity to resolve their issues without proceeding to court, a process that can be notoriously time-consuming and costly. Costa Rica is no exception, hosting an array of talented lawyers specializing in dispute resolution. Below, we take a closer look at ten of these exceptional practitioners and their roles in this exciting legal arena.

It is important to note that the demand for dispute resolution services is on the rise in Costa Rica. This growth is largely due to the severe backlog of cases in the country’s judicial system, making alternative dispute resolution mechanisms more appealing. As such, the individuals featured in this article are not only experts in their field, they are also very active in shaping the future of dispute resolution in the country.

The ten lawyers featured in this article exemplify the standard of excellence that has come to define Costa Rica’s dispute resolution sector. They have a wealth of experience, and each has contributed significantly to the growth and development of this legal field in Costa Rica. Let’s dive in and learn more about these remarkable individuals:

Gino Cappella

Gino Cappella, an attorney at ABCQ Legal, has earned high praise for his work in dispute resolution in Costa Rica. His well-rounded approach and previous experience as a judge are assets that set him apart in this field. Whilst his firm does not have a website, his strong presence and proven arbitral capabilities make him an outstanding figure in the Costa Rican Dispute Resolution industry.

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Víctor Garita

A partner at Arias, Víctor Garita is both a counsel and arbitrator. Characterized as spectacular, intelligent and studious, Garita has seen great success in arbitrations, leaving spectators impressed by his performance.

Carolina Muñoz

Carolina Muñoz, a founding partner at According2Law, is well-regarded within the Costa Rican dispute resolution sphere. She is known for her responsiveness, proactive ideas, and an ability to deliver exceptional results. This combination of qualities underscores Muñoz as a leading practitioner in her field.

German Rojas

German Rojas is another important figure at Arias. Though younger than some of his peers, Rojas has earned a reputation for his calm demeanor and commitment. With experience as a dispute resolution practitioner in Costa Rica, Rojas has shown himself to be a consummate professional.

Sergio Artavia

Active in Costa Rica’s courts, Sergio Artavia of Artavia and Barrantes Abogados is renowned for his work in dispute resolution. His strong presence in litigation and arbitration has created a lasting impression on colleagues and clients alike.

Andrea Hulbert

Andrea Hulbert, a partner at Hulbert Volio Montero, has won commendation for her commitment to clients and her fearlessness in litigation. These traits have instilled much confidence in her clients and attest to her expertise.

Róger Guevara

At Alta Batalla, Róger Guevara stands out as a crucial player in Costa Rica’s dispute resolution sector. His peers and clients laud him for his in-depth knowledge of the law and superior service. Guevara’s unique blend of legal knowledge and business acumen makes him a formidable player in the industry.

Jaime E Barrantes Gamboa

Jaime Barrantes Gamboa, also an attorney at ABCQ Legal, has proven himself in the Costa Rican dispute resolution sphere. His extensive experience and recognition in litigation and arbitration make him a veteran in the field.

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Mauricio Salas

A key partner at BLP, Mauricio Salas has demonstrated proficiency in handling dispute resolution cases in Costa Rica. He has been praised for his broad understanding of both Costa Rican and international proceedings, and his creative interpretation of the law.

Federico Torrealba

Federico Torrealba, a celebrated co-head at Facio & Cañas, is renowned for his diligence, passion, and thorough approach. Torrealba’s stellar track record in dispute resolution mandates speaks brightly of his abilities and confirms his position as a leading arbitrator in Costa Rica.

In conclusion, these ten lawyers illustrate the wealth of talent and expertise present in Costa Rica’s dispute resolution sector. Each, in their own way, has made significant contributions to this field, giving the assurance of a bright future for dispute resolution in Costa Rica.

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