Top 10 Data Protection Lawyers Leading LGPD Compliance in Brazil 2023

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As data protection becomes a pressing issue for businesses worldwide, a cohort of talented lawyers have distinguished themselves in this burgeoning field in Brazil. These experts provide invaluable advice to clients in various industries to ensure they are compliant with the latest regulations such as LGPD (General Data Protection Law). In addition to their legal acumen, these professionals are lauded for their client-first approach, depth of knowledge, and exceptional work ethic. Here, we bring you a closer look at some of these lawyers, who have made a significant impact in the realm of data protection in the country.

Data breaches and illegal data collection cases have increased dramatically in Brazil and around the world. A harsh reality, which underpins the significance of data protection lawyers. These individuals are not only well-versed in the existing laws and regulations, but they have also demonstrated a keen understanding of the technology and digital landscape. The following list provides an insight into some of the most accomplished data protection lawyers in Brazil, whose stellar work has not only earned them accolades but the trust and appreciation of their clients.

It is essential to highlight that their work is not confined to legal advisory alone. They are also instrumental in the formulation of contracts, conducting impact assessments, and offering strategic counsel. Each one of them has carved a niche for themselves in this crucial domain, helping businesses stay compliant and avoid serious legal pitfalls.

Thamilla Talarico

Thamilla works for Daniel Law, where she is emerging as a valued advisor on LGPD compliance, contractual, and cybersecurity issues. She comes with a robust knowledge base and commitment, which her clients find noteworthy. Those who have worked with her find her dependable and knowledgeable.

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Marcel Leonardi

Marcel Leonardi, of Leonardi Advogados, is known for providing sharp legal opinion and advice regarding LGPD compliance. Marcel’s impressive skill set and the breadth of experience make him a standout professional in data protection.

José Eduardo Pieri

José Eduardo Pieri is part of Palma Guedes Advogados. Dedicated to his clients’ interests, Pieri is known for his exceptional LGPD compliance knowledge, commitment, and professional excellence.

Fernando Bousso

Fernando Bousso, an attorney at b/luz, is recognized for his deep knowledge of privacy and being a business-savvy attorney. He is well-versed with LGPD compliance and contractual matters.

Gustavo Artese

If you’re looking for technical knowledge blended with business acumen, Gustavo Artese, at Artese Advogados is the perfect fit. He specializes in LGPD implementation and impact assessments.

Caio César Carvalho Lima

At Opice Blum, Bruno e Vainzof Advogados Associados, Caio Cesar Carvalho Lima focuses on data privacy compliance matters. He is agile and quickly develops a rapport with clients, making him an up-and-coming star in data protection law.

Ricardo Barretto Ferreira da Silva

Ricardo Barretto Ferreira da Silva from Azevedo Sette Advogados is another respected lawyer in the field. Known for his excellent client service, Ricardo provides advice on data protection laws such as LGPD compliance.

Felipe Palhares

Felipe Palhares from BMA – Barbosa, Müssnich, Aragão has got praises for being highly specific, practical, and business-oriented while handling data processing agreements, compliance issues, and DPO counselling.

Isabela Fernandes Pereira

Isabela Fernandes Pereira of Mattos Filho is a clear and objective thinker who’s primarily active on data breach matters and administrative proceedings. She is making a name for herself as an insightful, rational associate in the field.

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Thiago Luís Sombra

Lastly, we have Thiago Luís Sombra from Mattos Filho. Known for his swift and efficient legal delivery, Sombra’s comprehensive multidisciplinary approach towards data protection makes him a dependable choice in the regulatory and consumer law mandates arena focused on technology issues.

All of these practitioners have made substantial contributions to the field of data protection in Brazil, providing invaluable support to clients and ensuring their lawful conduct in the digital landscape.

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