Top 10 Achievers: Greece’s Influential Competition and European Law Attorneys 2023

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As Greece continues to recover from an economic crisis, it remains a dynamic and evolving market, particularly in the area of competition and European law. Businesses operating in Greece have to navigate a complex web of legislation including EU law, hence, the importance of skillful and proficient legal representation could not be overstated. This article will showcase and explain some of the leading competition/European law lawyers in Greece, who standout in dedicated commitment to provide their clients with the best legal solutions.

These practiced lawyers have exceptional prowess in different aspects of law ranging from state aid matters, antitrust investigations, cartel investigations, M&A transactions to compliance with abuse of dominance and cartel legislature. They operate in prominent law firms across Greece, proficiently responding to the dynamic and often challenging Greek legal environment.

Aside from aiding clients in navigating the intricate Greek legal system, these lawyers offer distinguished expertise in European law. Not only do they represent their clients in the local context, but also ensure that they are well represented in wider European legal landscapes. Let us delve into the profiles of these proficient lawyers.

Cleomenis Yannikas

Cleomenis Yannikas of Dryllerakis & Associates is a top-tier lawyer who often handles large privatisations and M&A transactions. He is particularly acknowledged for his involvement in the hospitality sector where he demonstrates significant expertise in investments and spin-offs.

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Xenophon Paparrigopoulos

Xenophon Paparrigopoulos of POTAMITISVEKRIS is recognised for significant experience in handling cartel investigations and abuse of dominance cases, upholding his reputation as a formidable competition law practitioner.

Violeta Panagiotopoulou

Renowned for her broad competition law practice, Violeta Panagiotopoulou of Kyriakides Georgopoulos Law Firm demonstrates exceptional expertise in competition compliance, merger clearance matters, as well as abuse of dominance and cartel investigations.

Vassilis Karagiannis

Vassilis Karagiannis associated with KLC Law Firm is known for his remarkable expertise in state aid matters, merger control mandates, unfair competition cases, and vertical restraints.

Anastasia S Dritsa

Anastasia Dritsa of Kyriakides Georgopoulos Law Firm stands at the forefront of the Greek market, she boasts a wealth of experience in merger control fillings and dealing with investigations arising from cartel and abuse of dominance allegations.

Dimitris Tzouganatos

Dimitris Tzouganatos of D.N. Tzouganatos & Partners commands respect in the field of competition law. He often serves clients in disputes before the Hellenic Competition Commission, backing them with his unparalleled experience.

Alexandra Mikroulea

Alexandra Mikroulea of Mikroulea, Staikouras & Associates is highly competent in assisting clients with compliance related to abuse of dominance and cartel legislation. She regularly represents clients in investigations into possible infringements, ensuring they get effective representation.

Emmanuel J Dryllerakis

Emmanuel Dryllerakis of Dryllerakis & Associates advises on a vast array of corporate and commercial transactions across Greece and other jurisdictions. He is notable for his involvement in several in the acquisition of energy assets and the establishment of joint ventures.

Stamatis Drakakakis

Stamatis Drakakakis, the department head at Zepos & Yannopoulos, is widely acknowledged for his practice that covers the full spectrum of Greek and European competition law. From state aid and merger clearance mandates to abuse of dominance cases and cartel investigations, his expertise is extensive.

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Marina Androulakakis

Marina Androulakakis of Bernitsas Law is regularly advising a diverse client list on transaction-related topics, as well as antitrust investigations and litigation before the Hellenic Competition Commission. She also has extensive experience in state aid matters and appeals against HCC decisions.

These esteemed lawyers provide unmatched legal representation and advice in the dynamic Greek market. With their varied skills and broad expertise, these lawyers continue to shape competition and European law practice in Greece, steering their clients through the complexities of the legal landscape.

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