TheyDo Introduces the Next Era of Journey Management with Exciting New Features

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Key Takeaways:

  • TheyDo, the journey-centric platform, has launched a brand new era of Journey Management, unveiling several exciting features to enhance customer experience and collaboration.
  • The company recognizes the challenges associated with working across journeys and aims to provide a consistent way of working to improve customer experience together.
  • The new features include Journey Governance, making Journey Mapping free for everyone, launching Goals, and a sneak peek into Journey AI.
  • TheyDo’s brand reflects their journey-centric revolution, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and the hands symbolizing all stakeholders involved in the journey-centric organization.
  • TheyDo is dedicated to connecting brand, journey, and the way of working together, providing a unified platform for journey management.


TheyDo, the journey-centric platform, has launched a new era of Journey Management, introducing a range of features aimed at enhancing customer experience and collaboration. This brand update reflects the company’s commitment to improving the way organizations work across journeys.

Unveiling the Next Era of Journey Management

With their brand launch, TheyDo introduces several new features that further empower organizations to excel in Journey Management:

  1. Journey Governance: TheyDo recognizes the importance of top-down governance in journey-centric organizations. It involves reporting to leaders on how journey work aligns with business goals, controlling access to the customer experience data, and creating a single source of truth. Journey Governance ensures that journey work has a meaningful impact on the overall customer experience.
  2. Free Journey Mapping: TheyDo aims to break down barriers and make journey mapping accessible to everyone. By providing collaborative and connected journey mapping capabilities for free, TheyDo enables teams to create well-mapped journeys and achieve Journey Excellence. This move eliminates fragmentation and enables a unified approach to journey mapping across teams.
  3. Goals: TheyDo introduces Goal Tracking, allowing teams to connect their work directly to overarching business goals. This feature enables the management, visualization, and tracking of Opportunities and Solutions in the context of end goals. It ensures alignment with business objectives and provides confidence to leaders and stakeholders.
  4. Journey AI (Artificial Intelligence): TheyDo is investing in AI capabilities to turbocharge Journey Management. With Journey AI, teams can benefit from instant journey analyses, uncover new Opportunities, and connect insights and data across different journeys. AI-powered templates and automation will enable teams to work faster and more efficiently, leveraging the existing knowledge about their organization.
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The Journey-Centric Brand

TheyDo’s brand reflects their journey-centric revolution. By bringing together the triple diamond symbol, which represents their aim to connect everything across journeys, and refreshing colors, TheyDo emphasizes the importance of collaboration and a unified way of working. The brand also showcases the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional experiences for customers.

Looking Ahead

TheyDo invites feedback and encourages users to share their thoughts and preferences. The company is dedicated to continuously improving their platform and delivering valuable features to help organizations excel in Journey Management.

Overall, TheyDo’s new era of Journey Management promises to enhance collaboration, streamline processes, and empower organizations to create exceptional customer experiences.

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