The Ultimate Boost for British eCommerce: A New Power Partnership

Cashflows takes a leap forward with Visa’s Cybersource to supercharge British eCommerce growth.

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Key Takeaways

  • Cashflows fortifies its partnership with Visa’s Cybersource, promising higher authorisation rates and instant payouts.
  • The alliance promises to speed up payment processes, ensuring quicker payouts for customers and reinforcing customer loyalty.
  • The new integration will centralize payment data for merchants, paving the way for enhanced UK and European business expansion.

A Transformative Alliance for eCommerce

In the ever-evolving landscape of eCommerce, the need for robust, efficient, and seamless payment solutions has never been greater. Today, Cashflows, the groundbreaking platform streamlining payment acceptance for merchants, is taking a giant leap in fulfilling this need. By expanding its ties with Visa’s Cybersource, they aim to amplify payment authorization rates, fast-track payouts, and ensure seamless international payment acceptance.

Simplifying Payments: The Cybersource Connection

Cashflows’ fortified relationship with Cybersource, a pivotal component of Visa Acceptance Solutions, is about to revolutionize the payment ecosystem for merchants. With a single connection to Cybersource, Cashflows can tap into a vast network of partners and a comprehensive suite of services. What does this mean for businesses? A faster scale-up, amplified outreach, and an unparalleled customer experience.

One standout feature is the Instant Payouts mechanism. This is set to be a game-changer, especially for businesses grappling with liquidity concerns. By simplifying and accelerating the disbursement process, both customers and payees will experience quicker payouts, fortifying customer trust and loyalty.

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Addressing the Merchant’s Pain Point: Lost Revenues

Merchants know the sting of card declines all too well, with an alarming 3% of their annual revenue slipping away due to this issue. The enhanced collaboration with Cybersource offers a remedy. Through network tokens, there’s an assured increase in Cashflows’ merchant authorization rates. The result? No more lost revenues from card declines. Instead, customer credentials will be consistently refreshed and updated, ensuring safety for card-on-file and recurring transactions.

A Commitment to Excellence: Insights from Cashflows’ Leadership

Hannah Fitzsimons, the visionary CEO of Cashflows, shed light on this momentous partnership. “In a world rife with economic challenges, the European business community has showcased unwavering resilience,” she stated. “Our extended collaboration with Visa’s Cybersource echoes our dedication to bolster this resilience. Our focus remains on perfecting payments – from enhancing authorization rates to empowering merchants to serve their clientele better.”

Adding another feather to its cap, Cashflows’ Gateway will integrate all tokenised payments and Instant Payouts. This centralized platform offers merchants a holistic view of their payment data, equipping them with tools tailored for business growth in the UK and European markets.

Visa’s Perspective: Building the Future of Payments

Visa, a global leader in the payment sphere, has always been at the forefront of innovation. Jürgen Schübel, VP, Head of Europe Acceptance Solutions Sales at Visa, highlighted the significance of the strengthened partnership. “Our extended alliance with Cashflows is about acceleration,” Schübel explained. “From expediting product development to shortening market entry time for new solutions, our combined efforts will redefine payment experiences, catering to the contemporary needs of merchants and consumers.”

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Rolling Out the Future

The upcoming weeks promise excitement as Cashflows rolls out a suite of enhanced products and services, courtesy of its enhanced association with Cybersource. Merchants, customers, and partners can anticipate tailored solutions to their payment needs, promising a future where transactions are swifter, safer, and more streamlined.

About Cashflows

As a vanguard in fintech payment solutions, Cashflows is redefining the way growing businesses and financial institutions engage with digital payments. With a focus on safety and innovation, their offerings extend across Europe, meeting the unique demands of their diverse clientele. For a deeper dive into their transformative solutions, visit

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