The Tech Powerhouse’s Secret Weapon Revealed! Meet the Newest Addition to Their Board

Unveiling Pipedrive's Strategic Move Towards Global Growth

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Key Takeaways:

  • Pipedrive appoints Tom Burnet, a seasoned tech executive, to its Board of Directors.
  • Burnet’s extensive experience in guiding tech companies through growth stages aligns with Pipedrive’s global expansion goals.
  • The appointment is part of Vista Equity Partners’ board program, focusing on diversity and qualified candidates for portfolio companies.

Pipedrive’s Strategic Leap: Welcoming Tom Burnet to the Board of Directors

A Game-Changing Addition

Pipedrive, the leading sales CRM platform for small businesses, has made a strategic move by appointing Tom Burnet, a seasoned tech executive, to its Board of Directors. This decision marks a significant step forward in Pipedrive’s journey towards global expansion and continued innovation in the competitive tech landscape.

Meet Tom Burnet: A Tech Visionary with a Proven Track Record

Tom Burnet brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Pipedrive’s boardroom. With a distinguished career that includes leadership roles in top-tier public and private companies, Burnet’s insights and strategic guidance are poised to fuel Pipedrive’s growth ambitions and enhance its market position.

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Aligning Vision and Expertise: Pipedrive’s CEO Dominic Allon on Burnet’s Appointment

Dominic Allon, CEO of Pipedrive, expressed enthusiasm about Burnet’s appointment, highlighting his exceptional leadership qualities and deep understanding of the B2B tech domain. Allon emphasized that Burnet’s strategic counsel will play a crucial role in driving Pipedrive’s mission to empower small businesses globally.

Burnet’s Impressive Portfolio: A Glimpse into His Career Journey

Prior to joining Pipedrive, Tom Burnet served as Non-Executive Chairman for prominent companies such as Kainos Group plc, Baillie Gifford US Growth Trust plc, Aker Systems, and Trading Apps. His executive roles include serving as CEO and Executive Chairman of Accesso Technology Group plc, where he led the company’s expansion and success in the leisure industry.

A Vision for Continued Success: Burnet’s Perspective on Joining Pipedrive

In his statement, Burnet expressed admiration for Pipedrive’s team and their commitment to success. He emphasized his eagerness to contribute to Pipedrive’s growth journey and leverage his expertise to drive impactful outcomes for the company and its stakeholders.

Vista Equity Partners’ Board Program: Fostering Diversity and Excellence

Burnet’s appointment at Pipedrive is part of Vista Equity Partners’ board program, which focuses on identifying and appointing qualified board candidates for its portfolio companies. The program’s emphasis on diversity and excellence aligns with Pipedrive’s values and commitment to fostering a dynamic and inclusive corporate culture.

Pipedrive’s Evolution: From Startup Success to Global Leader

Founded in 2010, Pipedrive has emerged as a trusted partner for over 100,000 companies worldwide, driving revenue growth and sales efficiency. With headquarters in New York and a strong global presence, Pipedrive continues to innovate and empower businesses of all sizes to achieve their sales objectives.

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Embracing the Future: Pipedrive’s Vision for Tech Innovation and Customer Success

As Pipedrive welcomes Tom Burnet to its Board of Directors, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to tech innovation, customer-centric solutions, and global expansion. Burnet’s strategic guidance, combined with Pipedrive’s strong market position and industry expertise, sets the stage for an exciting chapter of growth and success.

Conclusion: A Strategic Alliance for Growth and Excellence

The appointment of Tom Burnet to Pipedrive’s Board of Directors symbolizes a strategic alliance focused on driving growth, fostering innovation, and achieving excellence in the tech industry. With a shared vision for success and a commitment to delivering value to customers and stakeholders, Pipedrive and Burnet are poised to make impactful strides in the evolving business landscape.

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