The Future of Construction: Rise of the Robots!

The next big leap in construction tech gets a major funding boost, marking a new era in home retrofitting.

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Key Takeaways

  • A groundbreaking £3.5 million investment has been secured by a robotics developer in the construction industry.
  • The new funding is set to accelerate growth within the UK and foster expansions into Europe and the USA.
  • Q-Bot’s robotic solutions, harnessing AI, offer innovative insulation techniques, significantly reducing heat loss in homes.

Revolutionizing the Retrofit Insulation Market

In a rapidly evolving world where technology continues to infiltrate all sectors, it’s the construction industry’s turn to witness a seismic shift. With global calls for greener solutions and energy-efficient homes, Q-Bot is leading the charge with its cutting-edge robotics and AI-driven insulation solutions.

Backing the Best in the Business

EMV Capital, a venture capitalist known for its focus on early-stage, high-growth deep tech companies, has emerged as the primary supporter in the latest investment round for Q-Bot. This funding round saw contributions from a host of investors including the UK’s largest high-net-worth investment service, Wealth Club, and the newly involved Adjuvo, a prominent London-based investment syndicate.

This major financial boost is primed to catalyze Q-Bot’s operations, further solidifying its strong foothold in the UK and propelling its expansion ambitions across Europe and the USA.

A New Captain at the Helm

With growth and expansion on the horizon, Q-Bot has strategically appointed John Kennedy as its CEO. Kennedy, no stranger to the dynamics of growth businesses, has a rich history working as CFO and CEO across a variety of sectors including technology and financial services. Given his impressive track record, Kennedy’s involvement promises a period of robust growth and operational efficiency for Q-Bot.

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Pushing Boundaries with Robotics & AI

Q-Bot’s modus operandi involves utilizing AI and robotics to deploy insulation in innovative ways. Their remotely operated robotic devices offer a unique approach to insulation, applying a continuous layer of spray-foam to floors. This revolutionary method not only significantly reduces heat loss but also acts as an effective barrier against cold draughts.

Considering the UK’s housing landscape, where between 8 to 12 million homes have suspended floors that challenge traditional insulation methods, Q-Bot’s solution presents a promising alternative. The company has already showcased its mettle, with a whopping 60% revenue increase over the past year and its advanced insulation techniques being implemented in over 200 homes monthly.

Governmental Nod and Beyond

Lord Callanan, responsible for Energy Efficiency and Green Finance in the UK, recently lauded Q-Bot’s endeavors during his visit to their London office. Emphasizing the company’s pivotal role in enhancing energy efficiency across homes in the UK, he commended Q-Bot for its significant contribution towards reducing carbon emissions. This nod from the government underscores Q-Bot’s impact and the broader implications of its innovations in the journey towards achieving Net Zero.

Insights from the Top Brass

Dr. Ilian Iliev, representing EMV Capital, expressed his contentment on the successful conclusion of the investment round, stressing the industry-altering potential of Q-Bot’s innovative use of robotics and AI in the construction tech arena.

Echoing similar sentiments, Professor Peter Childs, Chair and Co-Founder of Q-Bot, emphasized the significance of this investment, viewing it as a testament to their unparalleled approach in leveraging state-of-the-art robotics and AI.

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CEO John Kennedy also shared his enthusiasm, highlighting the combined support from investors, the UK government, and the available public sector funding as essential pillars that will propel Q-Bot into becoming a mainstream powerhouse in the retrofit sector and insulation market.


As the world leans more towards sustainable solutions and energy efficiency, companies like Q-Bot are proving to be torchbearers in the construction tech industry. With their innovative approach, robust backing, and a promising future, the stage is set for Q-Bot to redefine the retrofit insulation market globally.

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