The Big Move: A Financial Titan’s First UK Property Gamble Pays Off

Mirabaud Asset Management Secures Prime UK Office Campus in Strategic Expansion

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  • Strategic Acquisition: Mirabaud Asset Management completes its first UK property acquisition, a Grade-A office building, enhancing its global real estate portfolio to nearly $700 million.
  • Virgin Atlantic’s Headquarters: The acquired property serves as the crucial operational hub for Virgin Atlantic, boasting a long-term lease agreement until 2032.
  • Global Growth Vision: Mirabaud’s focus on high-quality, mission-critical office spaces in demographically and economically positive regions marks a consistent strategy to attract sophisticated private investors.

Mirabaud’s Bold UK Entry

In a significant move underscoring its global expansion strategy, Mirabaud Asset Management has marked its first foray into the UK property market with the acquisition of a premier office campus in Crawley, adjacent to London’s Gatwick Airport. This acquisition not only augments Mirabaud’s real estate portfolio to a staggering $700 million but also aligns with its trajectory of investing in strategic, single-tenant properties.

Virgin Atlantic’s Nest: A Key Asset

The focal point of this acquisition is the office building that has been the heart of Virgin Atlantic’s operations since its inception. This property, built exclusively for Virgin Atlantic in 2016, is pivotal for the airline’s global operations, ensuring its significance as a tenant and reinforcing the property’s value as a mission-critical asset.

Investment Philosophy and Strategic Expansion

Crafting a Global Real Estate Portfolio

Mirabaud’s approach to expansion has been methodical, focusing on acquiring single-tenant office and logistics assets in vital markets. Since 2019, the company has advised on the acquisition of eight significant assets, now including its latest UK venture, demonstrating a clear strategy aimed at high-quality, essential offices in promising regions.

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Catering to Sophisticated Investors

The integration of these real estate investments into Mirabaud Wealth Management’s private asset offerings highlights a targeted strategy to meet the demands of discerning private investors. These investors are in pursuit of real estate opportunities that promise steady cash flows and an attractive risk-return profile.

The Mirabaud Legacy

A Tradition of Excellence

Founded in 1819 in Geneva, the Mirabaud Group has evolved into a global entity, renowned for its personalized financial services and adherence to core values like independence, conviction, responsibility, and passion. With a rich heritage in wealth management, asset management, and specialized corporate finance services, Mirabaud stands as a beacon of expertise and integrity in the financial world.

Commitment to Sustainability and Responsibility

Mirabaud’s long-standing dedication to sustainability and responsible investment is evident in its actions and strategic decisions. As a signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment since 2010, the group boasts a top-tier rating in governance and global strategy, underlining its commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices.


Mirabaud Asset Management’s strategic acquisition in the UK underscores its robust growth strategy and commitment to expanding its high-quality real estate portfolio. By securing Virgin Atlantic’s headquarters as a key asset, Mirabaud not only enhances its property portfolio but also strengthens its position in attracting sophisticated investors, setting a new benchmark in its global real estate endeavors.

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