Tech Talent Turmoil: UK Businesses Caught in a Vicious Cycle of Ineffective Hiring

New Study Exposes Major Flaws in Tech Recruitment, Threatening Industry Growth

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Key Takeaways:

  • Widespread Recruitment Inefficiencies: 74% of UK businesses fail to conduct competency tests for tech hires, hindering proper talent acquisition.
  • Skill Mismatch Crisis: One in four tech candidates are hired without the necessary skills, exacerbating the tech skills shortage.
  • Prolonged Recruitment Processes: Lengthy and ineffective hiring practices are prevalent, with 59% of technical hires taking over a month, and some up to six months.


The UK’s technology sector faces a critical challenge, not just from a growing skills shortage but also from deeply flawed recruitment processes. A new survey by Mobilunity, a global provider of remote dedicated development teams, uncovers startling inefficiencies in hiring practices across UK startups, scaleups, and enterprise businesses. This alarming trend, revealed in a study conducted with senior decision-makers, indicates a fractured approach to recruiting tech talent, threatening the industry’s growth and competitiveness.

Inadequate Screening Compromises Talent Quality

The survey shows a concerning reality: 74% of businesses are not completing relevant testing during the recruitment process. This lack of thorough evaluation means that a significant proportion of tech candidates, about 24%, are being hired without the requisite skills. The study also highlights a reliance on non-technical specialists for hiring tech talent, further compounding the issue.

Volume vs. Quality: A Flawed Approach

Despite receiving an average of 15 applications per role, businesses are struggling to filter relevant candidates effectively. Startups, receiving an average of 18 applications per role, are particularly impacted. However, 34% of decision-makers admit they do not have a separate recruitment process for technical hires, leading to a quantity-over-quality dilemma.

The Prolonged Recruitment Cycle

The technical hiring process is notably lengthy, with 59% of roles taking over a month to fill and a fifth taking up to six months. This protracted process is not only inefficient but also costly, both in time and resources. Furthermore, businesses are pushing up to 60% of technical candidates through to the next interview stage, exacerbating the issue.

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The Skill Validation Gap

According to Cyril Samovskiy, Founder of Mobilunity, the absence of testing and skill-validation is a major contributor to the mismatch between candidate capabilities and job requirements. He notes, “The fact that nearly half of candidates impress at the interview stage, but underperform once in the role, is no surprise.” This gap highlights a critical need for businesses to revamp their recruitment strategies.

Government Statistics Confirm the Crisis

The UK Government’s Employer Skills Survey (2022) corroborates the findings, showing a rise in skill-shortage vacancies from 6% in 2017 to 10% in 2022. These statistics suggest that the tech skills shortfall may not solely be a talent issue, but also a byproduct of flawed recruitment practices.

A Call for Change in Recruitment Practices

Samovskiy urges businesses to adopt a more dedicated approach to tech recruitment. He advises combining technical platforms that assess and match skills with interviewers knowledgeable enough to ask the right questions. This approach, he argues, can significantly improve hiring processes and outcomes.


The findings from Mobilunity’s survey paint a concerning picture of the UK tech industry’s recruitment practices. The reliance on inefficient methods not only wastes resources but also fails to address the growing skills gap. As the industry continues to evolve, it’s imperative for businesses to reevaluate and reform their recruitment strategies, focusing on competency and skill validation to secure the right talent for the right roles.

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