Streaming’s New Frontier: AI-Powered Platform Set to Revolutionize Creator Monetization and Discovery Partners with AI Giant TMC² for a Groundbreaking Algorithm that Changes the Game for Content Creators

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Key Takeaways:

  • Innovative Partnership: collaborates with AI giant TMC² to redefine content discovery and compensation.
  • Creator-Centric Revenue Model: The platform offers creators 80% of streaming income with a unique revenue structure.
  • AI-Driven Recommendation Engine: Leveraging AI for fair and effective content discovery, prioritizing talent over followers.

Introduction, a groundbreaking streaming platform, announces a strategic partnership with global AI venture studio TMC². This collaboration is set to launch “The Great Algorithm Reset,” fundamentally changing how creators are discovered and compensated in the streaming industry. A New Paradigm for Creators, established with backing from entertainment mogul Simon Cowell, provides a platform where a variety of creators can monetize their talents through interactive streaming and video-on-demand.

A Fairer Revenue Model

The platform diverges from traditional ad-based revenue models, offering creators access to tipping during live performances, a pay-per-view paywall, and ticketing revenue. Remarkably, creators retain 80% of their streaming income, receiving payments within 24 hours of content availability.

TMC²’s AI Expertise in the Creative Arena

TMC², renowned for its AI and machine learning prowess, brings to the table its significant experience and intellectual property. Previously involved in the AI technology behind social media platform Triller, TMC²’s expertise will be pivotal in enhancing’s services.

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Ethical and Innovative AI Applications

With a portfolio boasting over 70 AI patents, TMC² focuses on ethical AI development, assisting startups with technologies that augment human workflows. This approach aligns with’s mission to support content creators.

“The Great Algorithm Reset”: A New Approach to Content Discovery

This partnership aims to develop an AI-driven recommendation engine for, alongside content discovery algorithms and moderation features. This AI technology will enable the platform to offer a more balanced and fair discovery mechanism for creators.

Leveling the Playing Field

Unlike traditional algorithms that favor established creators or those with large followings,’s new engine will prioritize genuine talent, ensuring creators are discovered based on the quality of their content, not just their popularity metrics.

Impact on the Creator Economy

The collaboration between and TMC² marks a significant shift in the creator economy. Their joint mission to support creators in gaining recognition and earning fairly sets a new standard in the streaming industry.

A Vision for Creator Empowerment

Craig Gardner, Co-Founder and CPO of, shares his enthusiasm for the partnership: “We have always wanted to change the way things are done and reset the default streaming algorithm… Now, with TMC²’s AI technology, we have the ability to accelerate our mission to democratise online streaming for content creators.”


The strategic alliance between and TMC² signals a transformative era in the streaming industry. By integrating AI-driven technologies and ethical practices, they are paving the way for a fairer and more equitable platform where content creators can thrive based on talent and engagement, not just follower counts or ad views.

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