Spotlight on Top 10 Influential Public Law Lawyers in Chile 2023

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Chile has a dynamic legal landscape, that is particularly interesting when it comes to public law. Home to a number of top-caliber public law practitioners, Chile’s legal scene propels the country’s public law industry to new heights. This article highlights some of the most prominent public law lawyers in Chile, providing insight into their background, firms, and areas of expertise. Their diversity, remarkable talent, and significant contribution to public law in Chile paints an impressive picture of the country’s legal landscape.

Public law, comprising constitutional, administrative and criminal law, is a critical field of law that governs the relationship between individuals (whether they are citizens or business entities) and the state. These distinguished lawyers have dedicated their careers to shaping and influencing public law in Chile and beyond, providing counsel and representation of a truly outstanding standard.

These lawyers have a diverse clientele, including individuals, businesses, and government institutions. Each brings a unique blend of skills to the table, skillfully navigating complex legal landscapes to provide high quality legal advice in the public law sector. These legal luminaries offer compelling views, thought leadership, and criticised expertise to the Chilean public law market.

Francisco Zúñiga Urbina

Francisco Zúñiga Urbina of Zúñiga Campos Abogados enjoys a solid reputation for his robust expertise in the Chilean public law area. He is known for successfully helping clients navigate through contentious cases.

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Arturo Fermandois

Arturo Fermandois of Estudio Fermandois, is a highly respected lawyer in Chile’s public law arena. His clients appreciate his solid grasp of public laws, his extensive knowledge, and his ability to envision potential scenarios.

Blanca Oddo

Blanca Oddo from MOMAG Abogados is a leading figure in the Chilean public law market, recognised for her wide knowledge of regulatory issues.

José Luis Lara

José Luis Lara from Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría enjoys strong endorsement for his superior capabilities. His understanding of Chilean administrative law and competence to deliver bespoke solutions make him a favourite among clients.

Enrique Navarro Beltrán

As a sole practitioner, Enrique Navarro Beltrán is reputed for his well-rounded grasp of the Chilean public law market. His substantial knowledge in constitutional law and his prowess as an academic earn him glowing commendations from peers.

Ramiro Mendoza Z

Partner at MOMAG Abogados, Ramiro Mendoza Z, is renowned for his dedidcation and knowledge in public law arena, excelling particularly in administrative law in Chile. His strategic insight is instrumental in helping clients make important decisions.

José Manuel Díaz de Valdés

José Manuel Díaz de Valdés from Estudio Fermandois is a highly regarded practitioner with excellent reputation for his work in the administrative sphere. His encyclopedic knowledge of public law and application of it in complex cases is much appreciated.

Camilo Lledó

Camilo Lledó, partner at Chahuán Letelier Lledó, is well-regarded for his capabilities in the Chilean public law space. His thorough knowledge of public law and timely manner of dealing with his clients’ requirements are particularly commended.

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Domingo Poblete

Domingo Poblete of Estudio Fermandois receives acknowledgement for his work advising clients on public law matters in Chile. Notably, his practical approach to administrative and regulatory matters puts him in high regard among his clients.

José Gabriel Undurraga

José Gabriel Undurraga of Guerrero Olivos, is known for his strong commercial awareness in advising public law mandates. His speed in offering solutions to problems, and his vast knowledge in public law are particularly appreciated by his clients.

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