Spotlight on South Korea’s 10 Top Dispute Resolution Litigation Lawyers in 2023

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South Korea’s rich legal scene is populated by a cadre of superior litigators who represent clients in some of the country’s most complex disputes. Whether managing large-scale domestic disputes or navigating the intricacies of cross-border litigation, these dispute resolution lawyers set the bar high with their deep expertise, strategic insights, and successful track records. We highlight some of the top dispute resolution lawyers in South Korea, shedding light on their individual skills and the wide-ranging litigation services they provide.

Each attorney listed excels in the area of Dispute Resolution: Litigation, working tirelessly to represent their clients, deliver satisfactory results, and uphold the rule of law. They come from top law firms in South Korea, bear impressive qualifications, and have unique strengths that make them stand out in the industry. From former judges to seasoned practitioners, these litigators cover a wide spectrum of the litigation landscape—corporate, financial, tax, insurance, intellectual property, and more.

As clients grapple with ever-changing legal frameworks and complex litigation matters, these lawyers guide them through the hurdles, helping them protect their interests and meet their objectives. Let’s get to know these litigators better.

Il Bong Moon

Coming from Yulchon LLC, Il Bong Moon is widely recognized for his market-leading litigation practice. Clients in the financial services and insurance industries particularly seek after his extensive experience in handling contentious commercial and financial cases.

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Jong-Han Oh

Jong-Han Oh associates with Shin & Kim where he demonstrates vast experience in handling large-scale domestic and cross-border litigations. His propensity for representing Korean corporates in disputes arising out of finance, and corporate transactions, make him a trusted advisor.

Tony (Dongwook) Kang

Renowned for his cross-border litigation expertise, Tony (Dongwook) Kang from Bae, Kim & Lee LLC demonstrates remarkable ability in handling fraud cases, and disputes arising from loans and investments, with a particular focus on US and European jurisdictions.

Pyoung Keun Song

Partner at Lee & Ko, Pyoung Keun Song thrives in a broad gamut of litigation areas—administrative, competition, technology, and media. He serves many sizable Korean corporations with aplomb.

Yong Sup Yoon

Yong Sup Yoon, also from Yulchon LLC, spent years as a judge presiding over various district courts, gaining invaluable experience now applied to litigate civil, criminal, and corporate cases for large domestic corporations and financial institutions.

Jae-Yun Yun

Jae-Yun Yun of Shin & Kim has forged a solid reputation in the realm of construction litigation. He also has considerable experience in contentious real estate and insurance matters, primarily representing major domestic entities.

Seung Ryong Yoo

Seung Ryong Yoo is a partner at Yoon & Yang LLC who, as a former judge, brings vast litigation experience to the table. His practice covers banking litigation, shareholder disputes, and administrative proceedings, earning him significant acclaim in the industry.

Ki Seong Park

Ki Seong Park of KL Partners demonstrates a broad range of commercial disputes, covering securities, real estate, intellectual property, and trade secrets, serving both foreign and domestic clients.

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Yong Pyo Yeom

Yeom Yong Pyo, another key litigation attorney from Yulchon LLC, manages a wide array of commercial litigation matters including tax, insurance, and product liability cases. Domestic and foreign corporates alike trust him for his expertise.

Sookmi Lee

Last, but certainly not least, Sookmi Lee hailing from Shin & Kim continually shines in commercial and financial litigation. Regularly representing Korean clients across a variety of industries, her formidable skills have made her an industry fixture.

These exceptional attorneys continue to provide unparalleled services, showcasing why South Korea’s litigation sector stands out on the legal map. With their help, clients can confidently navigate the turbulent waters of legal disputes and arrive safely to their desired outcomes.

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