Spotlight on Banking & Finance Lawyers in Paraguay

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Paraguay’s banking and finance sector is thriving, thanks to the expertise and guidance provided by a group of exceptional legal professionals. These lawyers possess deep knowledge and experience in handling complex financial matters, providing valuable counsel to both local and international clients.

In this article, we shine a spotlight on some of the most prominent and influential Banking & Finance lawyers in Paraguay. Their dedication, proficiency, and commitment to excellence have earned them high praise and recognition in the industry. Join us as we explore their notable contributions to Paraguay’s banking and finance landscape.

Cynthia Fatecha – Vouga Abogados

Cynthia Fatecha, a knowledgeable practitioner and co-head of department at Vouga Abogados, stands out for her expertise in advising clients on multilateral loan agreements, credit facilities, and trust structuring. She excels in drafting financial agreements, structuring guarantees, and providing responses to regulatory authorities. Praised for her understanding of the Paraguayan market’s connection to the international landscape, Cynthia Fatecha is a highly respected lawyer in the banking and finance sector.

Sigfrido Gross Brown – Estudio Jurídico Gross Brown

Sigfrido Gross Brown, a distinguished co-head of department at Estudio Jurídico Gross Brown, is recognized for his remarkable experience in advising clients on PPP matters and debt refinancing in Paraguay. Known for his leadership skills, Sigfrido Gross Brown effectively manages complex cases, providing strong client service and delivering sophisticated work. He is regarded as a top-notch local counsel in the banking and finance domain.

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Rodolfo Vouga – Vouga Abogados

Rodolfo Vouga, a senior statesperson at Vouga Abogados, boasts significant expertise in advising multinational financial institutions on various banking and finance matters in Paraguay. Widely recognized as a great lawyer, Rodolfo Vouga’s vast experience and comprehensive understanding of the industry make him a trusted advisor in the banking and finance sector.

Carlos Vasconsellos – Ferrere

Carlos Vasconsellos, a seasoned professional at Ferrere, benefits from extensive experience in advising international lenders and borrowers on turnkey project finance and PPP projects in Paraguay. With his international finance background, Carlos Vasconsellos offers solid client service, commercial awareness, and valuable insights to his clients.

Jorge Gross Brown – Estudio Jurídico Gross Brown

Jorge Gross Brown, a senior statesperson at Estudio Jurídico Gross Brown, has established a longstanding presence in the Paraguayan banking and finance field. With an impressive career and a reputation as a role model in the industry, Jorge Gross Brown is regarded as a top-notch local counsel, offering exceptional expertise and insights in banking and finance matters.

Carlos Vouga – Vouga Abogados

Carlos Vouga, a legal expert at Vouga Abogados, specializes in advising key financial institutions on loan structuring, bond issuance, and regulatory consultations. Known for his extensive experience in international finance, Carlos Vouga is highly regarded as a professional with outstanding expertise and sophistication in the field.

Carlos Codas – Ferrere

Carlos Codas, the head of department at Ferrere, enjoys strong recognition for his banking and finance practice in Paraguay. He actively assists clients in expanding their financial portfolios and is praised for his solid client service, commercial awareness, and practical guidance in navigating complex financial matters.

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Juan Fiorio – Fiorio, Cardozo & Alvarado

Juan Fiorio, a senior statesperson at Fiorio, Cardozo & Alvarado, holds a longstanding track record as a leading figure in the Paraguayan banking and finance sector. With his vast experience and expertise, Juan Fiorio provides valuable insights and strategic guidance to clients, earning him a well-deserved reputation in the industry.


Paraguay’s banking and finance sector benefits greatly from the exceptional legal professionals who shape and influence its landscape. The lawyers mentioned in this article, including Cynthia Fatecha, Sigfrido Gross Brown, Rodolfo Vouga, Carlos Vasconsellos, Jorge Gross Brown, Carlos Vouga, Carlos Codas, and Juan Fiorio, have demonstrated remarkable expertise and a deep understanding of the complexities of banking and finance law.

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