Spotlight on 10 Pioneering Financial Crime Lawyers in London’s Barrister Landscape, 2023

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In a world where complex global transactions are conducted at the click of a button, financial crime is a growing concern that poses serious threat to individuals and corporations alike. With money laundering, fraud, corruption, bribery, and asset forfeiture on the rise, the need for seasoned legal experts in financial crime is becoming increasingly important. Given this context, today we showcase some of the top financial crime lawyers operating from the London bar. Amongst them, they possess a wealth of expertise, and have successfully guided high-profile clients through terrain as tricky as allegations of commercial wrongdoing to money laundering and tax evasion cases.

These remarkable individuals continue to set pace in financial crime litigation, providing essential legal support for those caught in the crosshairs of financial crime investigations and litigation. They are regularly instructed by leading firms and represent an array of clients from eminent individuals to multinational corporations, navigating the intricate and global nature of contemporary financial crime.

Their role becomes even more crucial given London’s place as a major global finance hub. Therefore, it’s crucial to stay informed about these stalwarts of law and the immense value they bring to their clients and the larger financial industry. Listed below, each with their brief bio, are some of London’s shining stars in Financial Crime legislation, operating from the bar.

Jonathan Fisher KC – Red Lion Chambers

With an enduring reputation as a highly sought-after barrister, Jonathan Fisher KC assists notable individuals and leading firms in cases often international in nature, covering serious issues such as money laundering.

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Jonathan Ashley-Norman KC – 3 Raymond Buildings

With a strong emphasis on fraud and regulatory mandates, Jonathan Ashley-Norman KC advises on POCA reporting obligations, civil recovery, and confiscation proceedings while acting both for the defendants and prosecution.

David Perry KC – 6KBW College Hill

David Perry KC is a leader with a wealth of experience in representing numerous foreign governments in high-profile extradition cases. His key area of expertise lies in financial issues such as fraud, corruption, and bribery.

Graham Brodie KC – 33 Chancery Lane

Graham Brodie KC is well-known for acting in civil fraud and asset forfeiture cases, usually involving allegations of commercial wrongdoing. He specializes in handling cases concerning restraint, freezing, and confiscation of assets.

Jonathan Lennon KC – Doughty Street Chambers

Jonathan Lennon KC typically handles POCA matters arising from criminal fraud trials. His forte includes dealing with matters like money laundering, tax evasion, and conspiracy to defraud, and he often represents prosecuting authorities including the SFO.

Adrian Darbishire KC – QEB Hollis Whiteman

Adrian Darbishire KC is a commendable practitioner known for representing companies facing prosecution for corporate manslaughter. He excels in areas like fraud, professional misconduct, and other cases relating to health and safety breaches.

James Hines KC – 3 Raymond Buildings

James Hines KC is a seasoned extradition practitioner hailed for his proficient preparation of complex matters and advisory work in the field of extradition. He regularly assists governments and foreign fugitives in various courts.

Sean Larkin KC – QEB Hollis Whiteman

Sean Larkin KC is highly respected in his field for acting on behalf of both defendants and prosecutors in the context of the medical professions. His expertise includes defending charges of sexual offenses and serious dishonesty.

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Gideon Cammerman KC – 187 Chambers

Noted for his expertise in defending and prosecuting financial crimes, Gideon Cammerman KC is highly skillful in fraud and corruption cases and is famed for his prowess in leading private prosecutions.

William Boyce KC – QEB Hollis Whiteman

William Boyce KC stands out for an impressive track record in high-profile cases. As a former Senior Treasury Counsel at the Central Criminal Court, he has extensive experience in criminal defense matters ranging from murder and sexual abuse cases to fraud.

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