Spotlight on 10 of Finland’s Most Influential Tax Lawyers in 2023

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When it comes to tax law, experts are in high demand to streamline processes and ensure compliance for diverse businesses and individuals. The complexities of the legal and financial landscape require professionals who are adept in the field, effectively navigating through intricate laws and regulations, and delivering impeccable services for their clients. In this regard, Finland has some of the finest tax lawyers who are recognised for their exceptional skills, knowledge, and valuable contributions in the realm of tax law. Revealing their rich bios, we delve into the vast domain of tax law and the magnificent practitioners who dominate this industry in Finland.

Finland, known for its comprehensive tax system, is home to several dedicated law firms that specialise in tax law. These law organisations boast of an impressive lineup of seasoned tax lawyers delivering commendable services. Whether it’s advising on intricate tax issues, representing clients in high-stake negotiations, handling tax structuring of complex transactions, or assisting on capital market operations, these tax lawyers have proved their mettle in the industry.

Let us take a closer look at these professionals who lead in providing expert advice and effective solutions concerning tax laws in Finland. Below is a review of some of the most reputable tax lawyers and law firms in Finland.

Sami Tuominen – Merilampi Attorneys Ltd

Sami Tuominen is renowned for advising domestic and international clients on employment-related tax questions and tax structuring of corporate transactions. He joined Merilampi Attorneys Ltd as the head of tax after leaving Bird & Bird in November 2022.

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Samu Lassila – Krogerus

With considerable experience in various tax issues, Samu Lassila of Krogerus frequently advises on the tax aspects of M&A transactions, IPOs and private equity investments.

Heikki Wahlroos – Borenius

Heikki Wahlroos from Borenius often represents private equity firms or clients from the banking industry on the tax aspects of M&A transactions.

Kai Holkeri – Dittmar & Indrenius

Kai Holkeri of Dittmar & Indrenius has experience advising clients on tax treaties, withholding tax, and transfer pricing mandates, as well as assisting with the tax structuring of corporate transactions and restructurings.

Sebastian Kellas – Avance Attorneys

Sebastian Kellas is a seasoned tax lawyer from Avance Attorneys, handling both transactional and contentious tax matters.

Ossi Haapaniemi – Roschier

Roschier’s Ossi Haapaniemi has considerable experience in contentious tax matters, advising and representing clients in litigation, as well as advising on capital markets and restructuring-related tax matters.

Antti Lehtimaja – Krogerus

Antti Lehtimaja, also from Krogerus, handles a wide range of tax matters, from assisting clients with the tax structuring of real estate transactions and tax due diligence to obtaining tax rulings over the tax treatment of various assets.

Jaakko Klemettilä – HPP Attorneys Ltd

Jaakko Klemettilä of HPP Attorneys Ltd regularly assists clients with tax audits, transactional tax structuring, and tax exemption assessments.

Mika Ohtonen – Roschier

Mika Ohtonen from Roschier frequently advises on the tax structuring of domestic and cross-border corporate transactions, including refinancings. He also acts on real estate tax mandates, transfer pricing audits, and VAT disputes.

Einari Karhu – Borenius

Einari Karhu, a tax expert at Borenius, assists clients with the tax aspects of corporate and capital markets transactions, as well as the tax treatment of investment funds. He also advises clients on withholding tax and transfer pricing issues.

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Finland, with tax practicing lawyers like these, is certainly a hub for expert tax law services. Their rigorous work defines the country’s financial and corporate landscape, providing direction for individuals and businesses requiring tax-related legal assistance. From corporate transactions to private investments, these lawyers help to make tax law more accessible and digestible for their diverse clients.

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