Spotlight on 10 Most Influential Panama Shipping Lawyers in 2023

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At the crossroads of the world, Central America’s vibrant hub, Panama has a bustling shipping industry thanks to its strategic geopolitical position. With the world-renowned Panama Canal and thriving logistics and maritime industry, the country naturally hosts a number of distinguished shipping law practices. These firms are represented by seasoned and acclaimed legal practitioners whose knowledge, proficiency, and dedication continue to set an impressive course in the industry.

Here, we present the profiles of ten distinguishable shipping lawyers in Panama, all highly renowned for their unique expertise in the industry. Whether it’s drafting industry regulations, advising on vessel registration, providing insight on maritime asset purchases, or navigating the intricate procedures of maritime law, these professionals are undoubtedly at the forefront of Panama’s shipping law scene. In addition, their renowned fluency in English and Spanish allows them to facilitate a seamless and efficient communication with their clients.

The following shipping law practitioners, each with a distinctive and laudable reputation, actively contribute to Panama’s prestige in the maritime sector. Their industry acumen is backed by top-tier firms and they are therefore known for transforming challenges into opportunities, ensuring their clients always enjoy smooth sailing.

Jorge Loaiza III

Jorge Loaiza III is an acclaimed lawyer at Arias, Fábrega & Fábrega. Noted chiefly for a groundbreaking operational impact in the Panamanian shipping industry, Loaiza’s expertise is endorsed and respected by industry professionals. Covering important shipping transactions and drafting regulations with the maritime authority, he brings strategic value to the table. His words aren’t just heard; they shape the industry. Learn more from his firm’s website here.

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Enrique Sibauste

Enrique Sibauste of Patton Moreno & Asvat is renowned for his knowledge of ship registration and naval mortgages. His expertise extends to the preparation of security documents and asset purchase/sale advisory and his command of both English and Spanish brings additional dynamism to his practice. Find more details at the firm’s website here.

Jazmina Rovi Sánchez

Revered partner at Morgan & Morgan, Jazmina Rovi Sánchez brings a rich depth of industry experience to the table. She excels in guiding clients through regulatory shipping requirements and registers vessels under the Panamanian flag. Her firm’s website is available here for more information.

Mario Correa

Mario Correa from Tapia, Linares y Alfaro is acknowledged for his prowess in shipping finance mandates and vessel flagging. His presence in the industry is widely recognized. More about his work and firm can be found here.

Belisario J Porras

Seasoned practitioner Belisario Porras from Patton Moreno & Asvat offers profound, precise and proactive legal services in the shipping industry. Well-known for his promptness and the quality of his advice, Porras continues to impress industry colleagues and clients. To learn more, visit his law firm’s website here.

Jorge Enrique Ramírez Arias

Panama’s shipping law industry sees a new entrant into the competitive ranks with Jorge Enrique Ramírez Arias. Highly regarded for his commercial awareness and quality work, Arias is one of the promising legal experts in Panama’s shipping sector. For more, his firm’s website is here.

Pilar Castillo

Pilar Castillo of Arias, Fábrega & Fábrega has been described as “responsive, practical, and thorough in successful conclusion of Panamanian procedures.” Firm’s website for more information is available here.

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Roy C Durling Jr

Roy Durling, also at Arias, Fábrega & Fábrega, specializes in assisting clients with vessel registrations and offering expertise as lenders’ counsel on cross-border credit facilities. Learn more about him and his practice here.

María Teresa Díaz G

María Teresa Díaz of Patton Moreno & Asvat excels in ship financing mandates and vessel registration. She is also adept in handling asset purchases and transfers of ownership. Visit her firm’s website here for more information.

Yvonne Arias

Yvonne Arias at Arias B & Associates is well positioned to assist clients with shipping finance, registration issues, and maritime asset acquisitions. Her firm’s website is here.

The collective commendation and industry expertise of these legal professionals demonstrate why the Panamanian shipping industry continues to exude tremendous confidence. For companies operating in this dynamic domain, trust and partnership with such dedicated professionals translate to smooth sailing in Panama’s bustling waters.

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