Spotlight on 10 Leading Energy and Natural Resources Lawyers in Oklahoma, 2023

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Within Oklahoma’s bustling legal market, a particular group of attorneys stands out for their exceptional work in the Energy and Natural Resources sector. Combining hard-headed business sense, in-depth knowledge of the oil and gas industries, and a nimble approach to litigation, these ten attorneys are shaping the future of energy law in the Sooner State.

Their expertise ranges from handling complex energy-related disputes to guiding utilities and oil and gas producers through intricate legal challenges. Yet, what truly sets them apart is their commitment to helping their clients navigate a rapidly changing industry landscape, characterized by increased regulatory scrutiny, shifting consumer demands, and unprecedented environmental concerns.

Join us as we delve into the careers of these top-notch lawyers who not only dominate the courtroom, but also drive the state’s energy sector forward.

L Mark Walker

Representing the prestigious professional corporation Crowe & Dunlevy, L Mark Walker excels in the domain of disputes involving energy and environmental issues. Commenting on his skills, peers acclaim, “Mark is among the best litigators for sophisticated energy and water rights matters.” With a deep knowledge of oil and gas litigation matters, Walker commits to provide timely, excellent advice to his clients.

John J Griffin Jr

Also boasting affiliation with Crowe & Dunlevy, John J Griffin Jr is renowned for his experience in diverse energy disputes, including large-scale class actions and regulatory proceedings. His expertise in oil and gas sets him apart in the industry.

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C Ray Lees

C Ray Lees, a respected figure in Porter Hedges LLP, derives high-esteem for his extended oil and gas practice. His knowledge spans a broad array of transactions in the industry, including joint ventures and acquisitions, marking him as a go-to professional in this sector.

Terry D Ragsdale

Representing GableGotwals, Terry D Ragsdale brings remarkable longstanding energy industry expertise to the table. He particularly stands out for his proficiency in class actions and his notable transactional experience.

Todd Woolery

Heading the energy and natural resources team at McAfee & Taft, Todd Woolery specializes in advising oil and gas clients on an array of class action and mass tort claims. He also has substantial knowledge in seismicity-related disputes.

James C T Hardwick

James Hardwick, associated with Hall, Estill, Hardwick, Gable, Golden & Nelson, PC, stands out for his significant industry experience. He receives high accolades from peers for his sophisticated oil and gas practice, providing valuable counsel on regulatory matters, disputes, and transactional issues.

Rob F. Robertson

Also representing GableGotwals, Rob F. Robertson, a seasoned litigator, displays significant trial strength in representing energy companies. His practice encapsulates handling administrative mandates such as ratemaking cases.

Dale E Cottingham

Dale E Cottingham, from GableGotwals, stands out for handling complex energy and natural resources disputes, a skill set bolstered by his expertise in environmental law and comprehensive understanding of groundwater pollution.

J Kevin Hayes

J Kevin Hayes, representing Hall, Estill, Hardwick, Gable, Golden & Nelson, PC, is a highly-regarded litigator. His esteemed civil disputes practice encompasses strength in class actions arising from the energy industry as well as a broader range of commercial litigation and telecommunications matters.

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Mark Banner

Also from Hall, Estill, Hardwick, Gable, Golden & Nelson, PC, Mark Banner’s practice is centered on oil and gas litigation. His impressive resume includes contract disputes, torts, and real estate-related issues such as land use concerns and leases.

In conclusion, these attorneys illustrate the depth of talent in the Oklahoma Energy & Natural Resources sector, they bring valuable skills, extensive industry knowledge, and determined advocacy to their clients, playing an instrumental role in shaping the future of energy and natural resources law in the state.

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