Shocking Research Reveals Marketers’ Assumptions Harming Business Results

Deployteq and the DMA unveil eye-opening findings that challenge marketers' assumptions and emphasize the importance of data-driven campaigns

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Key Takeaways:

  • New research from Deployteq and the DMA exposes the damaging impact of marketers’ assumptions on business results.
  • Marketers wrongly assume that consumers overlook junk folders, but the study shows that nearly 30% of people check them weekly.
  • Email marketing is the preferred communication channel, with 32% of consumers finding brand emails useful, surpassing all other channels.

A groundbreaking study conducted by Deployteq, a leading self-service marketing automation provider, in collaboration with the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) and the DMA Email Council, has shed light on the detrimental effects of marketers’ assumptions on business results. As brands strive to adapt to evolving consumer trends, this research serves as a wake-up call, urging marketers to reevaluate their strategies and embrace data-driven approaches.

Challenging Assumptions About Junk Folders

One prevalent assumption among marketers is that a consumer’s junk folder is akin to a wasteland that goes unchecked. However, the study’s findings defy this notion, revealing that nearly 30% of individuals actually check their junk folders on a weekly basis. These surprising insights underline the significance of not disregarding this folder as a potential channel for engagement and communication.

The Rise of Email Marketing

Contrary to popular assumptions, the research conducted by the DMA uncovers the enduring effectiveness of email marketing as a communication medium between consumers and brands. In fact, 32% of respondents find brand emails useful, representing a significant increase from 2021. This statistic surpasses the usefulness rate of all other channels throughout the customer lifecycle. Marketers must take note of this shift in consumer behavior and leverage email marketing as a powerful tool for customer engagement and brand promotion.

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Understanding Consumer Preferences

The study further delves into consumers’ subscription patterns and preferences. On average, individuals subscribe to emails from 10 different brands, with women subscribing to an average of 10.6 “best friend” brands and men subscribing to 8.9 brands. Additionally, 36% of respondents highlight the importance of visual elements, such as color, design, fonts, and headings, in enhancing the readability and comprehension of email content.

Data-Driven Marketing for Success

Pauline Buil, Marketing Director for Deployteq, emphasizes the need for marketers to move away from assumptions and embrace data-driven strategies. Assumptions based on outdated data can hinder business growth and limit campaign success. The research findings serve as a benchmark for email marketers, offering valuable insights into consumer behavior and preferences. Tailoring campaigns to meet consumers’ wants and needs is key to maximizing engagement and achieving favorable outcomes.

Supporting the research, Simon Ward, CEO of Inspired Thinking Group, underscores the critical role of innovation and technology in harnessing complex data and driving campaign performance. Deployteq’s user-friendly tech suite positions the company as a market leader in this space, enabling creative teams to stay on top of evolving trends and deliver impactful campaigns.

Deployteq’s Expanding Presence

In addition to the research findings, Deployteq has recently expanded its operations in the UK market, solidifying its partnerships with major brands such as Wickes, Virgin Media, and Renault. This strategic expansion strengthens the company’s position as a trusted provider of marketing automation solutions and reaffirms its commitment to delivering exceptional results for its clients.

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