Rise of the Next Tech Giants: Your Startup Could Be Next

Discover the Gateway to Unleashing Your Startup's Potential in the Prestigious UNICORN Startup Competition

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Key Takeaways:

  • A stellar opportunity for EU and Ukrainian startups to enhance their growth, visibility, and network through an intensive two-week program.
  • Experience educational webinars, networking galore, and a chance to pitch to influential investors and industry leaders.
  • Win no-equity grants and partner awards while gaining invaluable exposure and feedback to refine your business strategies.

Empowering the Next Wave of Innovators

In an era where technology and innovation hold the reins of the business landscape, startups are not just companies – they are the vanguards of transformation. These small yet potent entities embody the spirit of innovation, and every so often, a competition arises that propels these hidden gems into the limelight. The UNICORN Startup Competition, organized by the revered Sigma Software Group, is one such golden ticket.

A Journey of Intensive Learning and Networking

Spanning two intense weeks, the UNICORN Startup Competition isn’t your ordinary contest. It is a cauldron of opportunities, learning, and networking, structured meticulously to offer startups a chance to not just showcase their innovations but to refine and elevate them.

Educational Webinars: A Knowledge Goldmine

Startups are nurtured by knowledge, and the competition’s educational webinars are designed to imbue participants with insights, trends, and strategies that are instrumental for startup growth. These webinars aren’t just informational – they are transformational.

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Networking Opportunities: Building Bridges

In the business world, networks are as valuable as innovations. The competition fosters an environment where startups can connect with investors, industry leaders, and fellow innovators. Every interaction is an opportunity to build bridges that could lead to collaborations, investments, and growth.

Pitching Galore: A Stage for Your Innovation

At the heart of the competition is the abundance of pitching opportunities. Startups will have the stage to present their innovations, receive feedback, and refine their pitches. It’s not just about winning – it’s about learning, improving, and impressing the stalwarts of the industry.

Criteria and Prizes: A Closer Look

Open to startups from Ukraine and the EU, particularly those in the nascent stages having raised no more than €500K in investments, the competition is a beacon for innovators in various sectors. With a penchant for B2B software startups in niches like AI, Blockchain, FinTech, and more, the UNICORN Startup Competition is the crucible where ideas transform into impactful businesses.

Winners have the esteemed privilege to receive no-equity grants and partner awards, a boost not just in capital but in morale and visibility.

A Legacy of Fostering Innovation

Transitioning from the IT_EUREKA contest established in 2014, the UNICORN Startup Competition epitomizes Sigma Software’s commitment to nurturing a globally recognized startup ecosystem. With over 900 projects and 2,200 participants over the years, this competition has been a cornerstone in catapulting innovative startups to industry prominence.

UNICORN: More than a Competition

Daria Yaniieva, the Investment Director at Sigma Software Labs, encapsulates the essence of the competition. It’s not just a contest, but an ecosystem pulsating with opportunity, learning, and growth. Every startup enters as an entity with potential and emerges as a refined, empowered version ready to make a mark in the competitive business landscape.

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Envisioning the Future

As the world rapidly pivots towards a technology-centric paradigm, startups stand at the forefront of this transformation. The UNICORN Startup Competition is not just an event but a journey where ideas meet opportunity, innovation meets refinement, and startups meet the global stage.

As applications pour in, one can only envision the array of innovations that will grace the competition. Each startup, with its unique idea and potent potential, is a glimpse into a future where technology is not just prevalent but is intrinsic to every aspect of our lives.

Sigma Software Group, with its legacy and commitment, is not just organizing a competition. They are weaving the fabric of the future, stitch by stitch, startup by startup. In this intricate tapestry, every thread – every startup – is invaluable.

As the countdown to October 9 begins, the tech world watches in anticipation. Who will rise as the next tech giant? In the hallowed halls of the UNICORN Startup Competition, amidst the pitches, the networks, and the innovations, the next tech unicorn is waiting to be unveiled. Will it be you?

Be Part of the Transformation

Startups, innovators, and visionaries – the stage is set. A world of opportunities, learning, and growth awaits. The UNICORN Startup Competition is not just a stepping stone – it’s a launchpad to the stars. In the intricate dance of business, technology, and innovation, here lies your chance to leap, to soar, and to make your indomitable mark. Are you ready to seize the opportunity?

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