Revolutionizing Retail: LiSA Launches ‘The Commerce Social Club’ – The Future of Shopping Unveiled!

LiSA Partners with Sook, Marks & Spencer, Coresight Research, and LVS to Kick-Start a Retail Revolution

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Key Takeaways:

  • LiSA, a social commerce solution provider, is hosting ‘The Commerce Social Club’ event series to explore the future of live shopping, featuring Marks & Spencer and other retail giants.
  • Live shopping is poised to transform the e-commerce landscape, with McKinsey predicting that by 2026, one in every five global online purchases will occur through live shopping experiences.
  • The event will offer valuable insights, expert advice, content workshops, and interactive livestream training shows, aiming to empower businesses to harness the potential of social commerce.

In a groundbreaking move set to redefine the retail landscape, LiSA, a pioneering social commerce solution provider, has announced the launch of ‘The Commerce Social Club.’ This exclusive event series will kick off with a milestone retail event on October 10th in Central London, featuring a partnership with renowned pop-up retail space company Sook, Coresight Research, and LVS, and the participation of retail giant Marks & Spencer.

The Rise of Live Shopping

Live shopping, a retail concept that seamlessly blends entertainment and purchasing, has experienced explosive growth in China and is making its way to the Western market. McKinsey’s predictions paint a vivid picture of this shift, suggesting that by 2026, one in every five global online purchases will take place through live shopping experiences. LiSA aims to lead the way in facilitating this transition and empowering brands to harness the full potential of social commerce.

Sophie Frères, CEO of LiSA, highlighted the shift in marketing strategies, stating, “Many e-commerce marketing leaders are shifting budgets from classic digital marketing and content production toward experience initiatives which really drive instant sales and keep customers coming back for more. Running their own social commerce activities is the perfect way to achieve that, but many brands are not even aware of the easy options available to do so. This event aims to help them see how easy it is to get started and to see results from day one.”

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Sook: Bridging the Gap Between Retailers and Customers

Sook, known for its cutting-edge pop-up retail spaces, plays a pivotal role in the success of this event. By providing online retailers with valuable face time with customers in physical locations, Sook enables brands to create immersive shopping experiences. Some of Sook’s prime spaces include Birmingham’s Bullring shopping centre, Johannesburg’s prestigious Mall of Africa, and London’s iconic Oxford Street – Europe’s busiest shopping street.

John Hoyle, Chief Executive and Founder of Sook, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “The Commerce Social Club event series will provide valuable insight which businesses can utilize in their long-term and short-term strategies to maximize financial and operational gain.”

The Event: Where Retail Meets Innovation

‘The Commerce Social Club’ event will take place at Sook Spaces on Oxford Street, London. While in-person attendance is by invitation only, online attendance can be secured, ensuring that a global audience can tap into the wealth of insights and knowledge that this event promises to deliver.

This groundbreaking event will offer a blend of expert advice, deep industry insights, content workshops, and interactive livestream training shows. Attendees can expect to gain valuable knowledge about the future of retail, the impact of live shopping, and strategies to elevate their e-commerce game.

In conclusion, ‘The Commerce Social Club’ is poised to be a game-changer in the retail industry, setting the stage for a new era of shopping where innovation meets consumer demand. As live shopping continues to reshape the e-commerce landscape, LiSA and its partners are at the forefront of this retail revolution, empowering brands to thrive in the digital age.

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Link to LiSA: Learn More

Link to Sook: Explore Sook

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