Revolutionizing Pain Management: Orion and Newel Health’s Landmark Licensing Agreement!

Introducing ODD-403 "Rohkea," A Digital Therapeutic Poised to Transform Chronic Pain Treatment

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Key Takeaways:

  • Orion Corporation and Newel Health have entered a licensing agreement for ODD-403, a digital therapeutic for chronic pain.
  • ODD-403 offers an immersive VR-based therapeutic program, demonstrating significant advancements in pain management.
  • Newel Health’s expertise in digital medicine is set to optimize ODD-403’s clinical applications and market reach.

A New Era in Digital Medicine: Orion and Newel’s Strategic Collaboration

On January 29, 2024, a significant development in the field of digital therapeutics (DTx) was announced. Orion Corporation, a Finnish pharmaceutical company, and Newel Health, a leader in digital health, have entered into a licensing agreement for ODD-403, codenamed “Rohkea.” This collaboration marks a significant stride in addressing chronic pain through digital innovation.

ODD-403: Bridging Technology and Healthcare

ODD-403, poised to be a software as a medical device (MDSW/SaMD) under EU MDR and FDA regulations, is designed for virtual reality (VR) platforms. This gamified therapeutic treatment program targets chronic pain patients, particularly those with fear of movement and re-injury. It comprises psychological and therapeutic modules, tailored to the needs of patients.

Transformative Potential of ODD-403

Orion Corporation’s Director of Digital Medicine, Sammeli Liikkanen, highlights the transformative nature of this partnership. “We believe Newel has the best expertise to further develop and bring ODD-403 to patients,” says Liikkanen. Gerry Chillè, Chief Strategy Officer at Newel Health, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the integration of Virtual Reality modalities into Newel’s DTx solutions portfolio.

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A Statistically Significant Advancement

The “VIRPI” study underlines ODD-403’s effectiveness, showcasing a notable reduction in the Tampa Scale for Kinesiophobia scores and substantial improvements in patient clinical global impression of change and quality of life. These findings validate ODD-403 as a clinically impactful solution in chronic pain management.

Orion Corporation: A Pillar of Pharmaceutical Innovation

Orion Corporation, renowned for its commitment to well-being and pharmaceutical innovation, brings its expertise in oncology and pain management to this partnership. With a broad portfolio of proprietary and generic medicines, Orion’s dedication to research and development in critical therapy areas is a testament to its mission of building well-being globally.

Newel Health: Pioneering Digital Health Solutions

Newel Health, a forerunner in digital medicine, leverages behavioural science and user-centred design to enhance patient care. The company’s strategic partnerships and proprietary H.Core framework underline its commitment to delivering advanced digital health solutions across various therapeutic areas.

Maximizing Clinical and Commercial Potential

Under the terms of the agreement, Newel Health will hold exclusive global rights to develop, manufacture, and commercialize ODD-403, while Orion is entitled to royalties from sales and milestone payments. This partnership represents a synergy between Orion’s pharmaceutical prowess and Newel Health’s digital therapeutic expertise.

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