Revolutionizing Investment: The Launch of Groundbreaking NextGen Funds

Blackfinch Group Unveils Innovative Global Infrastructure and Property Funds for the Digital Age

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Innovative NextGen Funds Launched: Blackfinch Group introduces two pioneering funds – IFSL Blackfinch NextGen Infrastructure and IFSL Blackfinch NextGen Property Securities.
  2. Focus on Global Growth Themes: The funds target companies benefiting from digitalization, aging demographics, and urbanization, among other trends.
  3. Strategic Partnership and Expertise: Collaboration with the Marlborough Group’s IFSL and expertise of Fund Manager George Nikolaou and Dr. Dan Appleby fuel these groundbreaking initiatives.

A New Era in Investment Strategies

Introducing the NextGen Funds

Blackfinch Group, a renowned investment management specialist, has made a significant stride in the financial sector with the launch of two new funds: IFSL Blackfinch NextGen Infrastructure and IFSL Blackfinch NextGen Property Securities. These funds are designed to invest in companies at the vanguard of ‘next generation’ global growth themes, marking a transformative step in investment approaches.

Management and Investment Focus

Managed by Fund Manager George Nikolaou and Chief Investment Officer (Listed Investments) Dr. Dan Appleby, these funds will focus on companies benefiting from long-term trends such as the rapid growth of digitalization, exploding data traffic, aging demographics, and the increasing urbanization of global populations.

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Expanding Blackfinch’s Investment Capabilities

Complementing Existing Portfolios

Launching on 30th October, these funds supplement Blackfinch’s multi-asset investment capabilities, including the group’s recently introduced Tailored Portfolio Service (TPS). This move symbolizes a significant expansion in Blackfinch’s investment offerings.

The Role of Marlborough Group’s IFSL

The appointment of the Marlborough Group’s Investment Fund Services Limited (IFSL) as the Authorized Corporate Director (ACD) for these funds further exemplifies Blackfinch’s commitment to quality and expertise. Available on a range of major platforms, these funds are set to offer diversified investment opportunities to a broad audience.

Driving Sustainable Positive Change

A Vision for the Future

Dr. Dan Appleby elaborates on the vision behind the funds, emphasizing their role in providing investors with exposure to infrastructure companies and real estate investment trusts (REITs) driven by powerful trends. This vision is about transforming how people live and work globally, leveraging the growth potential of next-generation themes.

The Commitment to Adaptation and Innovation

Blackfinch’s approach reflects its commitment to monitoring global changes and adapting its investment offerings to support sustainable positive change. This proactive stance ensures the continuous evolution of its investment strategies in alignment with emerging global trends.

IFSL’s Role in Fund Governance and Growth

Ensuring Robust Oversight and Support

Allan Hamer, CEO of IFSL, underscores the importance of IFSL’s role as an independent steward, safeguarding the interests of the fund’s investors. IFSL’s experienced team provides oversight, governance, and support throughout the fund’s lifecycle, ensuring successful outcomes for clients.

A Partnership Anchored in Excellence

The partnership between Blackfinch and IFSL is based on a shared commitment to providing top-quality services and outcomes for clients. This collaboration is expected to pave the way for long-term success and growth for both entities.

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Spotlight on the NextGen Funds

IFSL Blackfinch NextGen Infrastructure

This fund will invest in listed infrastructure companies with strong sustainability credentials, focusing on digitalization, energy transition, and sustainable urbanization. It aims to capture the essence of modern infrastructure development and environmental responsibility.

IFSL Blackfinch NextGen Property Securities

Targeting REITs and other listed property companies with robust ESG credentials, this fund will capitalize on digitalization, sustainable urbanization, aging demographics, and the growth of emerging middle classes. It represents a forward-thinking approach to property investment, emphasizing sustainability and social responsibility.

Conclusion: A Pioneering Step Forward

A New Chapter in Investment Management

The launch of IFSL Blackfinch NextGen Infrastructure and IFSL Blackfinch NextGen Property Securities by Blackfinch Group, in collaboration with IFSL, marks a pioneering step in the world of investment management. These funds not only expand Blackfinch’s portfolio but also represent a new chapter in investment strategies, focusing on long-term global growth themes and sustainable development.

Blackfinch Group’s Continuing Evolution

With a heritage spanning 25 years and over £750 million in assets under management, Blackfinch Group continues to evolve, adapting to customer requirements and contributing to a thriving financial ecosystem. The launch of these NextGen funds, complemented by the Tailored Portfolio Service, signifies Blackfinch’s dedication to innovation and its role in shaping the future of investment.

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