Revolutionizing B2B Payments: French Fintech’s €15M Breakthrough

Disrupting Traditional Payment Methods: A Bold Move Towards Digitizing B2B Transactions

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Key Takeaways:

  • French fintech Aria secures a massive €15M funding round to transform B2B payments.
  • Aria’s innovative approach targets the digitization of the largely offline B2B payment market.
  • The funding, led by 13books Capital, will accelerate Aria’s expansion across the platform economy and B2B marketplaces.

The Dawn of a New Era in B2B Transactions In a groundbreaking move that is set to revolutionize the business-to-business (B2B) payment landscape, French fintech Aria has announced a significant €15 million funding round. This bold step, signaling a shift towards an embedded digital B2B payment structure, aims to simplify and digitize the complex world of B2B transactions, traditionally dominated by offline methods.

Bridging the Gap in Digital Payments Despite the enormous volume of B2B payments globally, a mere 7% are conducted digitally. Aria’s mission is to bridge this gap, helping businesses upgrade their payment infrastructure and facilitating instant payments. This initiative is poised to change the face of the B2B marketplace, benefiting countless businesses and marketplaces.

A Visionary Leadership Driving Change Clément Carrier, CEO and co-founder of Aria, expresses a deep understanding of the challenges businesses face in the realm of payments. Acknowledging the cumbersome nature of traditional B2B payment methods, Carrier emphasizes Aria’s commitment to simplifying these processes with a seamless, digital-first approach. Aria’s solution, integrating complex payment mechanisms into an efficient online platform, reflects a forward-thinking vision for the B2B commerce sector.

The Power of Collaboration and Innovation The funding round was spearheaded by 13books Capital, with notable contributions from Adevinta Ventures, Ankaa Ventures, Otium Capital, and several angel investors, including Laurent Ritter (Purple), Mark Ransford, and Guillaume Princen (former Stripe executive). This collaborative effort underscores the confidence and enthusiasm in Aria’s innovative approach to revolutionizing B2B payments.

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Empowering Businesses with Flexible Payment Solutions Aria’s platform offers a wide array of payment methods and terms, allowing merchants, B2B marketplaces, and vertical SaaS companies to process payments instantly. This flexibility is crucial in today’s fast-paced business environment, where traditional payment methods can hinder efficiency and growth.

A Leap Forward for Freelancers and SMEs Founded in 2019 by co-founders Clement Carrier and Vincent Folny, Aria initially focused on addressing the payment delays and income uncertainty faced by freelancers. Their deferred payment API, launched in 2021, has since become a leading solution in Europe, helping over 100 platforms bridge the payment gap between suppliers and buyers.

Impressive Growth and Market Impact In just a few years, Aria has processed over €0.5 billion in payments for more than 30,000 businesses and freelancers, handling invoices ranging from €500 to €20,000. Supported by a €150 million facility from various investors, including M&G Investments, Aria has established partnerships with major freelance platforms and marketplaces across Europe.

Industry Leaders Commend Aria’s Vision Michael McFadgen, Partner at 13books Capital, praised Aria for its exceptional growth, clear product-market fit, and capital efficiency. Similarly, Stefan Grabmann, Principal at Adevinta Ventures, highlighted Aria’s powerful solution in enabling businesses and freelancers to receive payments on their terms, signifying the fintech-enabled future of B2B marketplaces.

A Mission to Fully Digitize B2B Trade Aria’s ambitious mission extends beyond simplifying payment processes. The company aims to fully digitize B2B trade, bringing payment and financing solutions online, thereby reducing friction in the buying process. This visionary approach is set to transform how B2B commerce is conducted in the digital age.

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For further details about Aria and its services, visit Aria’s website or follow them on LinkedIn.

To learn more about 13books Capital and their investments in financial technology, visit their website at 13bookscapital.

Discover more about Adevinta Ventures and its investments in marketplace technology at

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