Revolutionary Broadband Expansion Promises Ultrafast Connectivity for Thousands in Loughborough

An In-Depth Look at nexfibre's Strategic Initiative to Transform Internet Access in Leicestershire

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Key Takeaways:

  • Broadband Leap: Over 2,000 premises in Loughborough will benefit from nexfibre’s latest expansion of their full-fibre network.
  • Future-Proof Technology: The implementation of XGS-PON technology delivers symmetrical speeds up to 10 Gbps, ensuring ultrafast internet connectivity.
  • Community Impact: Local communities will see significant socioeconomic benefits, enhancing opportunities for business growth and personal development.


In an era where digital connectivity is as essential as electricity, the expansion of broadband infrastructure plays a pivotal role in shaping regional economies and individual lives. nexfibre’s announcement on April 23, 2024, marks a significant milestone in the journey towards enhanced digital access in Loughborough. The company’s ambitious plan to deploy full-fibre broadband to over 22,000 premises across Leicestershire by 2024 is not just an infrastructure upgrade—it’s a transformative shift towards an interconnected future.

Expanding Horizons

Comprehensive Coverage Strategy

nexfibre’s recent achievement of connecting 2,000 premises in Loughborough is a part of its broader strategy to cover over 22,000 homes and businesses in the region. This initiative represents a critical phase in the company’s expansive vision to fortify the digital backbone of Leicestershire. By collaborating closely with Virgin Media O2, nexfibre ensures that its infrastructure provides not only widespread coverage but also robust services that cater to the burgeoning demands of modern users.

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Technological Innovation

Leveraging cutting-edge XGS-PON technology, nexfibre introduces an era of symmetrical internet speeds capable of reaching up to 10 Gbps. This technology not only supports the current demand but is also scalable to meet future expansions and technological advancements. This forward-thinking approach ensures that the infrastructure being laid today will remain relevant and beneficial for decades, supporting everything from high-definition streaming services to sophisticated telecommuting setups.

Community and Economic Impact

Bridging the Digital Divide

The deployment of nexfibre’s network is anticipated to have a profound impact on the local community. High-speed internet is a cornerstone of modern education, healthcare, and business sectors. By providing ultrafast broadband, nexfibre aims to bridge the digital divide that has long hampered rural and underserved areas, facilitating a more inclusive digital landscape.

Fostering Economic Growth

Beyond personal use, the availability of reliable, high-speed internet is a critical factor for businesses in Loughborough. It enables local businesses to compete on a national and global scale, attract digital-savvy talent, and improve their operational efficiencies. The economic ripple effects from this connectivity will likely boost local commerce, attract investments, and create new job opportunities.

Empowering Communities

As Jane Hunt, MP for Loughborough, noted, the project transcends technological enhancement—it’s about empowering people. Access to dependable internet service enables residents to engage in educational opportunities, access government services more efficiently, and participate fully in today’s digital world. It equips communities with the necessary tools to drive innovation and fosters a sense of connectivity and engagement within the community.

Long-Term Vision and Sustainability

Strategic Partnerships

The collaboration between nexfibre and its partners, including major stakeholders like Virgin Media O2, is fundamental to the project’s success. These partnerships not only ensure the project’s viability and sustainability but also underline a shared commitment to national digital advancement goals. Through strategic wholesale agreements, nexfibre intends to enhance service accessibility and foster a competitive market environment.

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Commitment to Nationwide Connectivity Goals

nexfibre aligns closely with the government’s ambition to achieve nationwide ultrafast broadband coverage by 2030. The company’s role as a wholesale-only provider supports this by offering a platform that encourages competition among service providers, ultimately benefiting consumers through improved services and pricing.


The initiative by nexfibre to expand its full-fibre broadband network in Loughborough and beyond is a testament to the transformative power of digital infrastructure. As the project unfolds, its impact on the economic landscape and the lives of the local populace will likely serve as a model for similar deployments across the UK. By pushing the boundaries of what is possible in digital connectivity, nexfibre not only enhances today’s broadband capabilities but also paves the way for future innovations.

This comprehensive investment in digital infrastructure promises not just to meet the current needs of Loughborough’s residents and businesses but to propel them into a future where limitless connectivity fosters boundless possibilities.

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