Revolutionary Breakthrough: Subsea Operations Reach New Heights!

Explore the game-changing collaboration between Feritech Global and Oceaneering, poised to redefine subsea operations and propel the offshore energy industry into the future.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Feritech Global pioneers innovative auto-drop piston corer technology, set to revolutionize subsea geotechnical surveying.
  • The next-generation piston corer promises up to ten times faster sample collection, enhancing efficiency and safety.
  • Oceaneering embraces the new system, aiming to elevate the efficiency and precision of its subsea survey operations.

In a groundbreaking development set to redefine the landscape of subsea operations, Feritech Global, a frontrunner in marine geotechnical surveys, has unveiled a revolutionary auto-drop piston corer. Partnering with Oceaneering, a leading provider of subsea robotics, Feritech’s innovative technology promises to transform the efficiency and safety of subsea geotechnical surveying, paving the way for enhanced exploration and development in offshore energy projects and beyond.

Precision Redefined: The Auto-Drop Piston Corer

Enhanced Efficiency

  • Feritech’s cutting-edge auto-drop piston corer represents a significant leap forward in precision and efficiency, promising to streamline subsea geotechnical surveying operations.
  • With the ability to collect seabed samples up to ten times faster than traditional piston corers, the new technology holds the potential to revolutionize the pace of data acquisition in offshore exploration projects.

Innovative Features

  • The bespoke system boasts an array of innovative features, including sophisticated software that enables precise programming and automated release of the corer at pre-set sea depths.
  • Unlike manual launch mechanisms of traditional corers, Feritech’s auto-drop system ensures unparalleled precision and speed, while also prioritizing operator safety.

Remote Operability

  • The integration of Launch and Recovery System (LARS) and winch operations into a lightweight, wearable control panel enables remote operation of key equipment.
  • With the ability to operate the corer system safely with just one person, the upgraded LARS system enhances flexibility and portability, optimizing operational efficiency in challenging offshore environments.
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Industry Endorsement: Embracing Innovation for Enhanced Operations

Oceaneering’s Perspective

  • Brandon Wacasey, Project Management Lead for Survey and Geotechnical Operations at Oceaneering, expresses delight in the outcome of the collaborative project, emphasizing the transformative impact of the new system on subsea survey operations.
  • The innovative auto-drop piston corer is poised to bolster safety and efficiency, positioning Oceaneering to further solidify its market presence in the Geoscience domain.

Future Deployment and Collaboration

Market Deployment

  • Oceaneering plans to deploy the new auto-drop piston corer in the international market, leveraging its advanced capabilities to drive efficiency and precision in subsea surveying operations worldwide.
  • The collaboration between Feritech Global and Oceaneering underscores a commitment to innovation and collaboration, with a shared vision of pushing the boundaries of subsea technology.

Expert Insights: Shaping the Future of Subsea Operations

Rob Ferris, Managing Director of Feritech Global

  • Ferris highlights the importance of user-centric innovation, emphasizing the role of smart user insights in driving groundbreaking solutions to industry challenges.
  • The flagship project exemplifies the power of collaboration and forward-thinking, setting the stage for continued advancements in subsea geotechnical survey technology.

Conclusion: Charting a Course for Innovation

As Feritech Global and Oceaneering embark on a journey to redefine subsea operations, the unveiling of the auto-drop piston corer marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of offshore exploration and development. With its promise of enhanced efficiency, precision, and safety, the innovative technology holds the key to unlocking new frontiers in subsea exploration, driving progress and innovation in the offshore energy industry and beyond.

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