Revolutionary Alliance Set to Overhaul the Future of Business Transformation!

Driving Seamless Transitions from Innovation to Execution

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Key Takeaways:

  • Emergn and Strategyzer join forces to bridge the commercial gap between business innovation and transformation.
  • New research highlights the roadblocks in business transformation, from leadership resistance to inefficient decision-making.
  • This unique partnership offers businesses end-to-end consultancy in innovation and transformation.

Bridging the Transformation Chasm

LONDON, 2023 – In a world where the pace of business innovation constantly accelerates, there’s a growing need for transformation that keeps pace. Despite the enthusiasm and vision of many companies, a gaping chasm exists between the bright spark of innovation and the hard grind of successful implementation. Enter two of the globe’s forefront consultancies: Emergn and Strategyzer.

Diagnosing the Disconnect

Recent figures spell trouble for businesses: the US Bureau of Labor Statistics recently unveiled a worrying dip in productivity for the fifth consecutive quarter, reaching into Q1 2023. Equally concerning, KPMG’s latest research uncovered that a staggering 73% of digital transformations fail to meet growth and profitability expectations due to flawed execution.

Emergn and Strategyzer embarked on a mission to understand the reasons behind this grim state of affairs. Their comprehensive survey paints a clear picture:

  • Resistance to Change: Both IT and product leaders overwhelmingly agree that existing leadership is resistant to transformative change, thereby stunting potential growth.
  • Too Many Cooks: A whopping 80% of leaders feel that decisions are paralyzed by having too many decision-makers in the loop.
  • Innovation Timidity: A third of those surveyed highlighted an organizational culture that does not support experimentation, effectively extinguishing the flame of innovation.
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The upshot? A business world desperate for change but riddled with obstacles preventing meaningful transformation.

Unleashing the Power of Two

Successful companies of the future will seamlessly juggle present-day management with innovative foresight, a process aptly termed the “project-to-product journey”. This dynamic sees innovation and transformation as two sides of the same coin.

Emergn and Strategyzer’s alliance aims to be the panacea for this transformation conundrum. Here’s what companies can expect from this power-duo:

  1. End-to-End Innovation Management: From ideation to delivery, companies can harness a streamlined process to birth and nurture groundbreaking products, services, and business models.
  2. Unparalleled Consultancy Expertise: This unique partnership means businesses access unmatched consultancy breadth and depth across the innovation-transformation spectrum.
  3. Tailored Transformation Toolkits: Each organization gets a customized suite of tools and practices, ensuring their transformation journey is as unique as their vision.
  4. Leadership Development: This alliance is committed to cultivating a new generation of innovation and transformation leaders, effectively seeding a culture of continual learning and improvement.

Leadership with a Vision

Emergn’s Alex Adamopoulos and Strategyzer’s Alex Osterwalder – both titans in the innovation arena – helm this strategic partnership. Their combined expertise, serving Fortune 100 leaders and inventing globally recognized business tools, promises a consultancy alliance unlike any other.

Upon the announcement of their collaboration, Adamopoulos expressed his enthusiasm, highlighting the unparalleled combination of innovation, transformation, and digital service expertise the partnership brings. Osterwalder echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the synergy between the two firms and their shared vision to redefine how businesses operate.

About Emergn

Emergn stands as a beacon in the digital business service realm, on a mission to redefine work ethos and methodologies. With a strong presence across the globe and nearly fifteen years under its belt, Emergn has reshaped how some of the world’s most respected enterprises function, leveraging its unique Value, Flow, Quality (VFQ) philosophy. Learn more about Emergn.

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About Strategyzer

For over two decades, Strategyzer has been at the vanguard of business innovation and strategy. Founded by the visionary Alex Osterwalder, Strategyzer has etched its mark globally, revolutionizing how organizations perceive and approach innovation. Discover more about Strategyzer.

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