Revolution on the Horizon: Sustainable Swag Set to Overhaul the £1 Billion Industry!

Sustainable merchandising becomes the new norm as UK's leading social impact marketplace introduces eco-conscious and socially responsible branded goods.

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Key Takeaways:

  • The leading UK social impact marketplace is launching a branded merchandise line aimed at reducing wastefulness in the £1 billion industry.
  • By infusing impact and purpose into merchandise, corporations can foster deeper emotional connections with customers and employees while also aiding disadvantaged communities.
  • The launch highlights the rising importance of sustainability and social responsibility in the business world, especially post-Brexit.

The Emergence of Sustainable Merchandising

The world of branded merchandise is set for a shake-up. The UK’s premier marketplace for social impact products, known for its staunch commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, has launched its branded merchandise line for businesses. This strategic move aims to revolutionise the branded merchandise industry, notorious for its wastefulness and disposability, by infusing it with purpose and meaning.

It’s no secret that branded merchandise holds a pivotal role in corporate strategy. Almost all UK companies—95% to be exact—see corporate gifting as an integral part of their business. Additionally, 79% of people admit they’re more likely to engage with a company that gifts them promotional items. But now, this common practice is undergoing a transformation, driven by a growing consumer preference for reusable and recyclable goods.

Impactful Products Generate Emotional Connections

The potential of branded merchandise goes beyond pure marketing. Findings from the BPMA reveal that promotional products outdo traditional channels like print, web, direct mail, and TV in making recipients feel appreciated and valued. These gifts foster a deep emotional connection with the company, promoting increased loyalty and engagement. Even in the context of workplaces, over half the employees—59%—have a more positive opinion about their company after receiving promotional goods.

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So what makes this marketplace’s offerings unique? It’s their intentional and strategic choice of merchandise that makes a tangible difference in the world. “We’re showcasing that branded merchandise doesn’t have to be uninspiring, and how it can be a tool to boost engagement and sentiment throughout companies while having real-world impact on disadvantaged communities worldwide and the planet,” explained Jamie Palmer, Co-founder of this innovative marketplace.

Success Stories and Sustainable Choices

Take the case of Mills & Reeve, a UK law firm, that sourced plastic-free cups through the marketplace, resulting in annual Co2 savings of over 1800kg. Reflecting on their experience, Jessica Wilkes-Ball, Senior Sustainability Manager, highlighted how the initiative facilitated positive change throughout the company, demonstrating the transformative power of sustainable merchandise.

A Catalogue of Conscious Consumer Choices

The marketplace’s branded merchandise line offers a plethora of options for corporates, all rooted in their commitment to UK-based social enterprises and the planet. From clothing and accessories to office supplies and plants, each item generates substantial social impact.

Imagine gifting a notebook made from decommissioned firehoses, with half the profits supporting injured firefighters and their families. Or consider pens made from recycled CD cases that fund global education projects. Even the humble tote bag can make a difference—bags sold by Leiho, made from 100% biodegradable jute, help donate 20 meals to children in poverty for every sale.

Ethical Business: The Way Forward

Behind the scenes, the marketplace has invested countless hours sourcing products from pioneering social enterprises for its branded merchandise service. But it’s not just about the end product. The company maintains a green supply chain, featuring a carbon-neutral warehouse, recycled packaging, vegetable inks, and carbon-neutral delivery.

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Furthermore, every supplier is rigorously vetted for quality and impact, verified by third-party Good Market, reaffirming the marketplace’s commitment to ethical business operations.

In a world becoming ever more conscious of the social and environmental impact of our choices, the launch of this marketplace’s branded merchandise line is a timely one. By revolutionising a billion-pound industry, it’s clear that sustainable and socially responsible business practices are not only the future—they’re the new present.

For those looking to dive into this purposeful revolution, more information is available at

Conclusion: A Marketplace with a Mission

This marketplace’s mission transcends traditional business objectives—it’s about building bridges between consumers and corporations with social enterprise brands. Their platform brings together a range of inspiring products, each with a unique story of social impact. This not only makes purchasing easier but also infuses everyday consumer decisions with purpose and meaning. This exciting development in the world of branded merchandise is undoubtedly a step forward towards a more sustainable and socially conscious corporate landscape.

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