Revolution in Maternal Care: When Artificial Intelligence Meets World-Class Coaching

Leading coaching institute Erickson Coaching International pairs with AI-driven platform to elevate the maternity journey for expectant parents, integrating mental health support and effective coaching methodologies.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Erickson Coaching International forms an innovative partnership with AI-based platform, offering a unique blend of advanced coaching techniques and AI technology to support expectant parents.
  • The collaboration aims to reduce stress in pregnant individuals and new parents, highlighting the crucial role of emotional support in both maternal health and the unborn child’s development.
  • Both entities plan to conduct public research on maternal mental health and provide educational materials and workshops for doulas, illustrating their commitment to fostering emotional well-being throughout the maternity journey.

Fostering Compassion through Coaching: A Groundbreaking Collaboration

One of the world’s premier coaching institutions, Erickson Coaching International, joins hands with, an AI-powered compassion care solution designed to enhance the maternity journey. This partnership uniquely blends Erickson’s cutting-edge coaching techniques with Soula’s AI-powered mental health assistant, marking a revolution in maternal care. The collaboration serves to underscore the vital role of partners in providing emotional support to new mothers, helping reduce stress and potential disruptions to the development of the unborn child.

A Powerful Duo: Coaching Expertise Meets AI Innovation

In marrying Erickson Coaching International’s coaching expertise with the domain AI-powered chatbot from Soula, this cooperative venture opens up unparalleled opportunities. The Soula mental health assistant, guided by Erickson experts, is developing actionable strategies designed to enhance the emotional well-being of new mothers and their partners throughout the maternity journey. The objective is to alleviate postpartum depression, manage fears and anxieties, and mentally prepare individuals for birth and parenthood.

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Beyond Mental Health: The Scope of the Partnership

The impact of this cooperation extends beyond mental health. Erickson Coaching International and Soula have agreed to join forces in conducting public research on mental health during pregnancy and postpartum. They are also set to work with Erickson coaches and alumni in developing educational materials and online workshops for doulas, who increasingly apply coaching techniques in their practice.

Voices from the Ground: The Personal Touch

Natallia Miranchuk, CEO and founder of Soula, brought her personal experience to the table, asserting the importance of coaching techniques in her doula experience. She views the opportunity to educate doulas with Erickson, a world-leading coaching institute, as significant in her dual roles as a doula and CEO.

A Critical Concern: Maternal Mental Health

According to the Stanford Medicine Women’s Wellness Clinic, up to 20% of women grapple with mood or anxiety disorders during pregnancy and postpartum. This partnership aims to raise awareness of these concerns, destigmatize them, and provide solutions. Acknowledging and recognizing the first signs of mental health issues are crucial first steps to prevent emotional breakdown, prolonged stress, and depression.

Louise Hendey, CEO of Erickson Coaching International, expressed excitement about the partnership with Soula and its potential global impact. The collaboration combines Erickson’s broad coaching expertise, extensive doula knowledge, and the possibilities of generative AI in an effort to destigmatize maternal mental health issues and raise mass awareness.

About Erickson Coaching International

Erickson Coaching International has been a pioneer in transformational coach training and business leadership programs since 1980. The institution, which has over 55,000 graduates in more than 36 countries, offers courses in coach training, accelerated learning, leadership development, and coaching excellence.

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About Soula

Soula, based in Cyprus, is an AI-powered assistant that provides support during pregnancy, maternity, and beyond. The platform offers evidence-based, structured content, a personalized AI-based chatbot, and a pregnancy planner & tracker.

Conclusion: Redefining Maternal Care

This innovative partnership between Erickson Coaching International and Soula signifies a profound shift in the landscape of maternal care. By integrating world-class coaching techniques with advanced AI technology, the partnership strives to revolutionize the support available to expectant parents and doulas. As the collaboration unfolds, it will no doubt bring to light new possibilities and methods to enhance the emotional well-being of all those embarking on the journey of parenthood.

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