Record-Breaking Investments Propel UK Tech to Global Heights

Blackfinch Ventures Fuels the Fire of Innovation with Over £12 Million in Tech Startups

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Key Takeaways:

  • Strategic Investments: Blackfinch Ventures has invested over £12 million in 28 tech startups during the 2023/24 financial year, significantly impacting the UK’s tech ecosystem.
  • Remarkable Growth: The firm’s Spring VCT fund experienced a 91% year-on-year growth, indicating strong investor confidence and an expanding portfolio.
  • Global Recognition: Investments in companies like Kelpi and Tended not only highlight the potential for sustainable and safety technologies but also underscore the UK’s position as a leading tech economy on the world stage.


As the 2023/24 tax year wraps up, Blackfinch Ventures stands out with a record-breaking investment of over £12 million into a mix of early and growth-stage companies, affirming its pivotal role in advancing the UK’s technology sector. This investment spree has positioned Blackfinch as a cornerstone of the UK tech scene, which continues to flourish despite global economic challenges.

A Year of Strategic Expansion

Focused Growth in Tech

Under the leadership of Dr. Reuben Wilcock, Head of Ventures at Blackfinch, the company has meticulously curated a diverse portfolio that spans several critical sectors, including public transport, digital education, and cutting-edge marketing solutions. Their approach not only diversifies their investment risk but also taps into multiple streams of technological innovation.

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Record Investments and Returns

The past financial year saw the Blackfinch Spring VCT grow by an unprecedented 91%, with investments funnelled into 15 new startups, highlighting a vigorous expansion strategy. Moreover, the Blackfinch EIS Portfolios extended their support to 13 companies, solidifying Blackfinch’s role in nurturing the UK’s tech talent.

Standout Portfolio Companies

Kelpi: Leading the Charge in Eco-Innovation

One of the standout companies in Blackfinch’s portfolio, Kelpi, is tackling global plastic pollution with its innovative seaweed-derived bioplastic coatings. This technology not only offers a sustainable alternative to traditional plastics but also has the potential to revolutionize the packaging industry. Kelpi’s progress has attracted attention from global giants like Diageo and L’Oreal, setting the stage for widespread adoption of their groundbreaking technology.

Tended: Enhancing Workplace Safety

Another significant beneficiary of Blackfinch’s strategic investments is Tended, based in the East Midlands. This company is at the forefront of workplace safety with its wearable technology designed to prevent accidents in hazardous environments. With a recent framework agreement with Siemens worth up to £7 million, Tended’s technology is proving essential in improving safety standards in heavy industries worldwide.

The Impact of Venture Capital in Regional Development

Strengthening the UK’s Tech Ecosystem

Chris Elphick, Head of Venture Capital at the British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association, emphasizes the role of regional development in the UK’s ascent to a $1 trillion tech economy. Blackfinch Ventures has been instrumental in this regard, fostering growth not just in London but across various UK regions, thus democratizing the technological advancements and economic benefits.

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Blackfinch’s Influence and Innovations

According to Richard Cook, CEO of Blackfinch Group, the venture capital sector of their business has seen impressive growth, with inflows increasing by about 90% from the previous year. This success is a testament to the high quality of the Blackfinch team and their portfolio companies, as well as the firm’s ability to pay dividends, attracting more investors and collaborators.

Looking Ahead: Continued Growth and Innovation

Future Prospects

With a solid track record and a strategic approach to investment, Blackfinch is well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory in the venture capital space. The firm plans to introduce more innovative products and foster new partnerships, which will further enhance its profile and impact in the tech industry.


Blackfinch Ventures’ remarkable investments over the past tax year not only underscore its commitment to fostering innovation and growth in the UK tech sector but also reflect the vibrancy and potential of regional tech ecosystems to compete on a global scale. As the UK continues to make its mark as a leading tech economy, Blackfinch Ventures remains at the forefront, ready to propel the next generation of tech giants onto the world stage.

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