Ranking Top 10 Influential Litigation Lawyers in North Dakota for 2023

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Recognized for their comprehensive litigation skills within the commercial sector, these North Dakota lawyers often rise to the top for their deep understanding of complex commercial law. With a myriad of practice areas spanning from product liability litigation to insurance claims and business disputes, these ten lawyers continuously make their mark in litigating for both corporations and individuals. The following list provides a glimpse into each lawyer’s unique expertise in the realm of commercial lawsuit litigation.

Each lawyer provides a range of services, and their accomplishments are all testaments to their steadfast commitment to their clients. Fending off commercial lawsuits requires years of experience, knowledge of intricate legal frameworks, and a natural ability to counter legal actions effectively in the courtroom. These lawyers are considered the best in North Dakota’s general commercial litigation sphere.

Both corporations and individuals have benefited tremendously from their services, gaining advantage from their extensive prowess in legal matters. These ten North Dakota lawyers have rightfully earned their position in this overwhelming field of work. Let’s delve deeper into their professional backgrounds and understand why they develop unique litigation strategies for each case.

Scott Jensen

Scott Jensen is the president of Camrud, Maddock, Olson & Larson, Ltd. His firm, unfortunately, does not have a web presence at this time. He provides advice on product liability disputes and asbestos-related litigation, making a name for himself in the business for his broad litigation practice. Scott is based in North Dakota, actively advocating for his clients as the state’s premier general commercial litigator.

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Daniel Dunn

Daniel Dunn is a premier plaintiffs’ lawyer from Maring Williams Law Office PC. His specialties include handling personal injury and product liability lawsuits, and his practice includes mediating legal malpractice claims.

Benjamin Hasbrouck

Benjamin Hasbrouck of Fredrikson & Byron PA, has proven skills in business disputes. He focuses on contract claims, business torts, and bankruptcy litigation. Additionally, Benjamin holds strong experience representing construction sector clients and private individuals.

Scott Porsborg

Scott Porsborg hails from Smith Porsborg Schweigert Armstrong Moldenhauer & Smith, where he uses his reputable legal skills for insurance defense cases. In addition to this, he also advises on government liability and civil rights disputes.

Randall Bakke

Randall Bakke of Bakke Grinolds Wiederholt often acts for businesses and individuals in complex commercial disputes. He predominantly works on construction claims and product liability litigation, providing expert services for his clientele, despite the lack of an online presence for his firm.

Duane Lillehaug

Duane Lillehaug of Maring Williams Law Office PC possesses notable skills in handling product liability and personal injury litigation. He also has an impressive track record with insurance cases.

Mart Daniel Vogel

Mart Daniel Vogel of Vogel Law Firm has a broad practice that includes oil and gas, as well as product liability litigation. He demonstrates his all-encompassing abilities by arbitrating disputes at both trial and appellate level.

Patrick Durick

Patrick Durick of Pearce Durick PLLC is a distinguished practitioner in the North Dakota market and has extensive experience in a variety of disputes. His practice covers insurance defense and commercial litigation.

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Pat Weir, Jr.

Pat Weir, Jr. is best known for his representation of plaintiffs in personal injury claims from Vogel Law Firm. Pat handles cases across the country, amplifying his skills and expanding his client base.

Larry Boschee

Larry Boschee, also from Pearce Durick PLLC, remains one of the state’s most experienced litigators. His vast experience in oil and gas disputes, insurance claims, and product liability defense solidifies his status among the top commercial litigators in North Dakota.

In conclusion, these ten outstanding lawyers demonstrate what it entails to be successful in the complex world of commercial litigation law in North Dakota. Their perseverance and remarkable understanding of the complex nuances of commercial law provide a firm foundation for their practices, ensuring their clients’ interests are always protected.

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