Ranking 2023’s Top 10 Most Influential GCs Lawyers in India’s Business Sector

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India has produced a prolific number of prominent lawyers over the years. These individuals, as General Counsels (GCs) have had a definitive influence on the business and corporate legal landscape of the country. They have not only shaped their own respective companies with their legal acumen but have often been the guiding force behind significant industry-wide legal matters. What’s intriguing is the sheer diversity in the sectors these influential GCs represent. Let’s dig deeper into the profiles of 10 such influential Indian GCs who continue to make waves in their industries.

The legal world is often perceived from the outside as a labyrinth, and these individuals serve as navigators, guiding their companies through the complexities of the territorium legale. Their role is a unique blend of being advisers, decision makers, risk assessors, and sometimes, firefighters. Their counsel helps in ensuring the legal well-being and ethical soundness of their respective organisations.

A crucial point to note here is that our list of influential GCs not only includes those with decades of experience but also those who have managed to make a mark in a relatively short time frame. With their remarkable contributions and ability to impact change, they are casting a profound influence on India’s corporate legal scenario.

Augustine Quadros – HDFC Bank Limited

As Senior Vice President for legal matters at HDFC Bank in Mumbai, Augustine Quadros has carved a niche for himself with his profound knowledge of corporate and compliance issues. His leadership and decisive interventions during critical issues speak volumes about his capabilities and commitment. His contribution evidently played a key role in earning HDFC the reputation of being highly regulatory-compliant.

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Preeti Balwani – Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages

With an unyielding dedication to her career, Preeti Balwani serves a pivotal role in the legal team of Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages. Her extensive knowledge and capabilities have helped shape the legal framework of the company.

Mukesh Bhavnani – Bharti Enterprises Limited

Mukesh Bhavnani, based in New Delhi, leads the legal department at Bharti Group. He is a highly experienced advisor with over four decades of experience. His career journey from conglomerates like Godrej and Vedanta to Jumbo Electronics Company in Dubai exhibits immense versatility and adaptability.

Ipsita Dutta – Morgan Stanley India Company Private Limited

Ipsita Dutta joined Morgan Stanley in Mumbai in 2016, after having served as a partner at Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas. Her shift to the corporate sector has proved her mettle as an adaptable and innovative legal mind.

Vidyut Gulati – Bharti Airtel Ltd

As part of Bharti Airtel, Vidyut Gulati has played a remarkable role in the company’s remarkable global strides. His forward-thinking and inventive legal strategies have made him an impeccable asset for the firm.

Vinod Kaushal – PepsiCo Internacional México

Vinod Kaushal holds a significant position in the global corporation PepsiCo, Inc. With his strategic mindset and legal acumen, he contributes significantly to PepsiCo’s international operations.

Samir Kazi – Pfizer Ltd

Fronting the legal affairs of biopharmaceutical titan Pfizer, Inc, Samir Kazi has successfully navigated the intricate landscape of pharmaceutical and healthcare laws, thereby safeguarding the company’s interests and facilitating its global ventures.

Siddharth Rao – Sequoia Capital India Advisors Private Ltd

Siddharth Rao holds an essential role in the legal team of Sequoia Capital India Advisors Private Ltd. In a crucial sector such as capital venture, his strategic and competent legal advice aids the firm with its major domestic and international investments.

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Jatin Jalundhwala – Adani Power Ltd.

Jatin Jalundhwala represents Adani Power Ltd, an Indian multinational conglomerate company. His role in the company is crucial, given the multifaceted legal challenges in the power sector, and he serves as a robust legal anchor for the firm.

PM Deviah – Everstone Capital Advisors

PM Deviah is a distinguished name in the legal team of Everstone Capital Advisors. His extensive expertise and strategic insights enable the firm to navigate through complex legal affairs and uphold its obligations in the competitive capital market space.

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