Profiles of the Top 10 Most Influential GCs Lawyers in Canada 2023

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In today’s sophisticated legal landscape, distinguished legal minds are making strides in Canada and beyond. A pinnacle of the legal profession, General Counsels (GCs) bear the responsibility of guiding companies through the labyrinth of law, safeguarding their interests, and ensuring that all operations are within the purview of legality. This directory shines a spotlight on the Most Influential GCs in Canada, showcasing aptitude, excellence, and influence in their respective industries and the legal profession as a whole.

David Calabrigo KC – Canfor Corporation

David Calabrigo KC is a leading professional at Canfor Corporation-, a renowned name in the legal industry. His unmatched expertise and dedication have made him one of the invaluable assets to the entity and a noteworthy General Counsel in Canada.

Melissa Kennedy – Sun Life Financial, Inc

Melissa Kennedy holds the helm at Sun Life Financial, Inc as a principal driving force. Her extensive experience and knowledge in the field make her a tremendous contributor to the industry.

Simon A Fish – BMO Financial Group (Bank of Montreal)

With a reputation that precedes him, Simon A Fish of BMO Financial Group (Bank of Montreal) exemplifies excellence in the legal field, contributing significantly towards the company’s success.

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Jeff Davis – Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP)

Jeff Davis, a name synonymous with proficiency in the legal profession, serves as the linchpin for the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP). He brings forth a rich reservoir of knowledge, steering the organization on the path of legality and success.

Justin B Beber – Brookfield Asset Management Inc.

Justin B Beber of Brookfield Asset Management Inc. is an exemplar of legal acumen. His work has consistently reflected his competence, earning him a coveted spot among the Most Influential GCs in Canada.

Andrea Wood – TELUS Corporation

Andrea Wood of TELUS Corporation is a highly regarded GC. Her insightful understanding of law coupled with her commitment to the entity underpins her role as a crucial driving force in the corporation’s legal decision making.

Kim Thomassin – Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ)

Kim Thomassin of Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) commands a prominent space in the legal field. Without a firm website, her reputation is solely built on the cross-pillars of expertise and performance, making her an unforeseen force in the industry.

Sharon C Geraghty – Great West Lifeco Inc.

With a legal pedigree that is hard to match, Sharon C Geraghty of Great West Lifeco Inc. stands as one of the moonlighting names among Canada’s Most Influential GCs, despite the absence of a dedicated firm website.

Gordon Currie – George Weston Limited

Gordon Currie of George Weston Limited is a significant player in the industry. His distinguished service to George Weston Limited makes him a crucial pillar of health in the company’s legal structure and a luminary in the profession.

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Patrice S. Walch-Watson – Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board

A quintessence of legal prowess, Patrice S. Walch-Watson of the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board anchors her organization with wisdom and insight. Her contributions to the entity and the industry continually affirm her standing as one of the Most Influential GCs in Canada, even in the absence of a firm website.

The aforementioned GCs reflect the dedication, brilliance, and numerous contributions of extraordinary individuals steering the legal terrain of the country’s most influential firms. Their work is instrumental in shaping the legal compass for their respective organizations and the industry as a whole, proving that they indeed are the Most Influential GCs in Canada.

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