Peru’s 10 Most Influential Intellectual Property Lawyers of 2023 Revealed

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As advances in technology and innovation continue to drive the global economy, protecting one’s intellectual property (IP) is crucial. In Peru, which is no exception, the landscape is equipped with skilled IP lawyers who are well-versed in handling a wide array of associated matters. Here is a roundup of some of the top legal minds in the field of intellectual property, making a significant impact in what they do. These individuals stand apart, for their remarkable expertise, vast knowledge, experience, and commendable professional conduct.

Intellectual Property law is a specialized field which defends and upholds rights of creators, inventors, and businesses. These rights are often violated through infringements, unauthorized exploitation, and counterfeiting practices. Hence, a seasoned IP lawyer with sharp acumen becomes a crucial component for any business establishment. The lawyers we shine a light on today, are highly recommended by market observers, peers, and clients for their unique attributes, professional commitment and their academic capabilities.

The Peruvian market is known though out Latin America for its proactive approach to IP law with governmental organisations taking active steps to safeguard IP rights and prosecute infringes in the strictest manner. These institutions have put forth effective regulations and administrative measures for the protection of Intellectual Property Rights and are further strengthening them by frequent revisions. In this context, we take a look at some of the top IP lawyers in Peru.

Francisco Espinosa Reboa

Francisco Espinosa Reboa is a well-established Intellectual Property professional who continually impresses his peers in the industry with his vast knowledge and remarkable expertise. A lawyer at Francisco Espinosa Bellido Abogados, Reboa’s academic prowess is as valuable as his practical experience and uncanny understanding of the market.

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Andrea Chunga

Offering insightful advice and wielding a vast knowledge of Peruvian Intellectual property is Andrea Chunga, senior associate at BARLAW – Barrera & Asociados. She comes highly recommended by market observers for her professional acumen in the field.

Héctor Álvarez

Héctor Álvarez, a partner at Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Abogados, is lauded for his comprehensive knowledge of Intellectual Property trade mark and patent mandates. With a constant knack for meeting difficult deadlines without compromising quality, Álvarez continues to gain admiration for his sophisticated work.

Manlio Bassino Pinasco

Considered an expert patents lawyer capable of handling complex cases, Manlio Bassino Pinasco from Estudio Echecopar – Member Firm of Baker McKenzie International, is recognized for his profound knowledge of trademark mandates in Peru.

Ricardo De Vettor Pinillos

Ricardo De Vettor Pinillos, an associate at Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Abogados, is touted as an excellent lawyer and a significant player in the Peruvian IP field. His website details his extensive practice and unswerving dedication to clients.

Alfredo Barreda

Alfredo Barreda, managing partner of Barreda Moller, has been long recognized for advising clients on a wide range of IP mandates, including trade mark oppositions, nullity actions, and patent prosecution.

María Inés Herrera

Head of the brand protection department at BARLAW – Barrera & Asociados, María Inés Herrera is known for successfully handling matters before authorities. She regularly assists clients with infringement claims and anti-counterfeiting actions.

Bruno Merchor Valderrama

Bruno Merchor Valderrama, a partner at Muñiz, Olaya, Meléndez, Castro, Ono & Herrera Abogados, is applauded for his significant patent litigation expertise. His counsel is sought after for highly novel cases in the Peruvian patent industry.

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Magali García

Magali García, a partner at Allende & García Abogados, is skilled in assisting clients with an array of trademark mandates. Known for her quick response and understanding of regulations, García is one of the leading lawyers in Peruvian intellectual property sector.

Jorge Allende

Partner at Allende & García Abogados, Jorge Allende is lauded for his holistic view of the Peruvian IP industry. Allende is known for his comprehensive, clear and practical advice that keeps in mind the ultimate business goals of clients.

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