New Power Player in UK’s Wealth Management Scene: Game-Changing Appointment Shakes Up the Industry

A Strategic Move in the Wealth Management Sector: How This Appointment Signals a New Era

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Mirabaud Wealth Management appoints Jonathan Unwin as Head of Portfolio Management in the UK.
  2. Unwin brings over 16 years of experience in managing private client wealth.
  3. This move signifies Mirabaud’s continued expansion and strengthening in the UK wealth management market.

Introduction In a bold move that underscores its commitment to expanding its presence in the UK’s wealth management landscape, Mirabaud Wealth Management has made a strategic decision that is set to redefine industry norms. The company recently announced the appointment of a renowned industry expert, Jonathan Unwin, as the new Head of Portfolio Management for the UK market. This move not only highlights Mirabaud’s ambitious growth plans but also signals a shift in the wealth management dynamics within the region.

Unwin’s Proven Track Record Jonathan Unwin is a figure well-known in the financial sector, with an impressive track record spanning over 16 years in the wealth management domain. His career trajectory has seen him climb the ranks from the brokerage and online trading spaces to high-level positions in some of the world’s most prestigious financial institutions. His notable tenure at Credit Suisse, where he contributed significantly to managing a portfolio of over £3 billion in assets, laid the groundwork for his expertise in fund selection and investment strategy.

Strategic Growth and Expansion Mirabaud’s decision to bring Unwin on board is more than just an employment change; it’s a strategic maneuver. The company, which is part of the wider Mirabaud Group, has been on a trajectory of growth and expansion, particularly in the UK. This move is the latest in a series of appointments aimed at bolstering the firm’s capabilities and reach in the UK wealth management sector.

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Mirabaud’s Rich Heritage and Client-Centric Approach Mirabaud isn’t just another financial institution. Its roots go back to 1819, making it a company with a storied history and a rich heritage. The company prides itself on its independence, conviction, responsibility, and passion – values that have been the cornerstone of its operations for centuries. This ethos is mirrored in its client-centric approach, where personalized financial services are not just a service offering but a commitment.

The Role of Technology and Innovation In an age where technology and innovation are disrupting the financial sector, Mirabaud’s approach to portfolio management, under Unwin’s leadership, is expected to integrate these elements seamlessly. The aim is to offer clients agile and tailored investment solutions that are not only aligned with their financial goals but also ahead of market trends.

Sustainability and Responsible Investing Mirabaud’s focus isn’t solely on wealth generation. As a signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment since 2010, the company has a vested interest in sustainable and responsible investing. This ethos is expected to be a significant part of Unwin’s strategy, aligning investment decisions with ethical and responsible practices.

Global Presence, Local Expertise With offices spanning across continents, Mirabaud has established itself as a global player. However, what sets it apart is its ability to combine this global presence with local market expertise. This blend of international reach and local know-how is crucial in providing clients with solutions that are both globally informed and locally relevant.

Conclusion The appointment of Jonathan Unwin at Mirabaud Wealth Management marks a pivotal moment in the UK’s wealth management sector. It represents not just a change in leadership but a redefinition of how wealth management is perceived and executed. With Unwin at the helm, Mirabaud is poised to redefine industry standards, offering clients a blend of traditional wealth management principles with modern, innovative approaches.

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